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OLSR coming to Serval project - and your phone

Decentralizing GSM to Wi-Fi mesh phone calls.
by Alexander Chemeris

Integrating OpenBTS and Serval consists of two core components:

1) Routing systems inter-operation.
2) Numbering systems inter-operation.

Each are explained below.

1. Routing inter-operation was achieved during the Code Sprint hosted at the New
America Foundation in Washington, DC in early June, 2011. By using the OLSR
protocol on both Serval mobiles and on an OpenBTS test node, participants were
able to route IP packets in a flexible way in a mobile ad-hoc network without
any need for manual configuration. The OpenBTS part of the OLSR setup was pretty
smooth, taking roughly half an hour to get everything up, configured and

initial iPhone port

The crew from FunkFeuer Weinviertel ported olsrd to the iPhone.
You can get it from the download area. However you still need a working olsrd.conf file. Start it via
olsrd -f $conffile -i en0 -d 0
A nice UI is still missing! Feel like making one?



You will find the new one at http://www.olsr.org/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page

Stable Release


Source code of releases

Note: Changelog infos can be found in the git repository.

  • 0.6.8
    olsrd-0.6.8.tar.bz2 SHA256 692de2eb144f0be2e1dfc5dc5275b6c61b80af080e8f733e0b26b6a860442d27
    olsrd-0.6.8.tar.gz SHA256 864be682dcfefb415ff6eed975de892fb6a4b918a0c51c68e9011c6b2a8fbbf5

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