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Nighly Builds

Hans Christoph Steiner is maintaining a nightly-build server which hosts the most current builds for multiple platforms:

* Android/ARM
* Debian/stable/amd64
* Mac OS X 10.5/PowerPC 32-bit
* Mac OS X 10.5/Intel 32-bit
* Mac OS X 10.6/Intel 64-bit

OLSR coming to Serval project - and your phone

Decentralizing GSM to Wi-Fi mesh phone calls.
by Alexander Chemeris

Integrating OpenBTS and Serval consists of two core components:

1) Routing systems inter-operation.
2) Numbering systems inter-operation.

Each are explained below.

1. Routing inter-operation was achieved during the Code Sprint hosted at the New
America Foundation in Washington, DC in early June, 2011. By using the OLSR
protocol on both Serval mobiles and on an OpenBTS test node, participants were
able to route IP packets in a flexible way in a mobile ad-hoc network without
any need for manual configuration. The OpenBTS part of the OLSR setup was pretty
smooth, taking roughly half an hour to get everything up, configured and

Olsrd 0.5.6-r6 released!

after long months of waiting and small bugfixes we just released the 0.5.6-r6
version. The mayor points of the release are:
- support for Google Android
- support for Debian/FreeBSD
- fixes for httpinfo, txtinfo and dotdraw plugin to prevent them blocking in case of timed out outgoing connections

You will find the new release in our stable repository at

With md5sums:
07362792da718bed8943c2d7d1b4acfe olsrd-0.5.6-r6.tar.bz2
01f54daf487639f7bbc264115b0235de olsrd-0.5.6-r6.tar.gz

olsrd 0.5.6-r5 released!

This -r5 release of olsrd in the stable branch is probably the last release in this branch series. Henning, Markus Kittenberger and Keks from Berlin have been debugging and hardening the source code base. This fixes many issues we saw in messy, real world networks. The last bug that hit us was an incompatibility with the mDNS plugin. This one had the effect that packets would be parsed incorrectly effectively generating random topologies on Avila boards *if* the mDNS plugin was active .

We highly recommend an update for a stable environment. We consider this version an improvement in stability.

Excerpt from the CHANGELOG file:

- HACK: MinTCVTime parameter hack for Berlin FF network...
feel free to ask on the mailing list.
- add Watchdog plugin

Using Valgrind for profiling olsrd

Valgrind is a powerful tool for performance and correctness analysis of code. This page discusses how to set your development environment up, such that you can profile a running olsr daemon and later analyze its recordings using a graphical frontend called Kcachegrind.



You will find the new one at

Stable Release


Source code of releases

Note: Changelog infos can be found in the git repository.

  • 0.6.8
    olsrd-0.6.8.tar.bz2 SHA256 692de2eb144f0be2e1dfc5dc5275b6c61b80af080e8f733e0b26b6a860442d27
    olsrd-0.6.8.tar.gz SHA256 864be682dcfefb415ff6eed975de892fb6a4b918a0c51c68e9011c6b2a8fbbf5

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