the right path on windows is WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
[olsrd.git] / CHANGELOG
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticWe've fixed the SIGSEGVs caused by failed link and...
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenAdded comments on debug output optimizations
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenRemoved link layer code
2005-02-19 Andreas TonnesenAdded section on plugins including olsrd headers
2005-02-19 Andreas TonnesenAdded IPv6 update
2005-02-17 Andreas TonnesenAdded the Weight directive for config file
2005-02-16 Thomas LopaticFixed LQ MPR selection problem. Fixed LQ route addition...
2005-02-16 Andreas TonnesenAdded WLAN detection in FreeBSD
2005-02-15 Thomas LopaticMention "LinkQualityMult".
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticBrag about the AVL trees.
2005-02-09 Andreas TonnesenAdded bugfix comment
2005-01-24 Andreas TonnesenAdded optimization comments
2005-01-16 Andreas TonnesenA few words on the changed timeout stuff
2005-01-14 Andreas TonnesenSpellfixes
2005-01-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded IPv6 multicast bugfix
2005-01-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded IPv6 hna bugfix
2005-01-01 Andreas TonnesenUpdates for multiple interface in same ifblock
2004-12-30 Andreas Tonnesenadded minor updates
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenSpellchecking and minor changes
2004-12-02 Andreas TonnesenVarious updates
2004-12-02 Andreas TonnesenVarious updates
2004-11-22 Thomas LopaticLink quality window size, clear screen, FreeBSD and...
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenAdded some lines about the license change
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoval of threads
2004-11-09 Thomas LopaticAdded link quality entry.
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenSome updates
2004-10-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor additions
2004-10-09 Andreas Tonnesen*** empty log message ***
2004-10-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded ACPI support
2004-09-26 Andreas TonnesenAdded recent changes
2004-09-22 Andreas TonnesenAdded support for dynamic change of outputbuffersize...
2004-09-18 Andreas TonnesenSome last updates for 0.4.7
2004-09-15 Thomas LopaticAdded WLAN interface detection on Windows.
2004-09-14 Andreas Tonnesen*** empty log message ***
2004-09-14 Thomas LopaticAdded information about the new native Windows GUI...
2004-09-07 Andreas TonnesenInitial import