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2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* minor updates after release
2007-02-05 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed documentation
2005-11-23 Andreas TonnesenSome initial 0.4.10 changes to the README file
2005-06-02 Bruno Randolfupdate status for openbsd
2005-06-02 Bruno Randolfnetbsd small fixes and status update
2005-06-02 Bruno Randolffixes for freebsd
2005-06-02 Bruno Randolfminor makefile restructurings
2005-05-26 Bruno Randolfadded mini plugin
2005-05-25 Andreas TonnesenUpdates on httpinfo, secure and powerinfo status
2005-05-25 Bruno Randolfadded OS support status table
2004-12-05 Thomas LopaticMerged the WIN32 read-me file with the main read-me...
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenFirst draft of new README
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenMinor changes
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor updates
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenUpdates, needs much more work
2004-09-18 Andreas TonnesenUpdates for 0.4.7
2004-09-13 Andreas Tonnesen*** empty log message ***
2004-09-07 Andreas TonnesenInitial import