first working script to setup wifi interface into ad-hoc mode for olsrd on GNU/Linux
[olsrd.git] / android /
2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph Steinerupdated Android build to use "gcc --sysroot" technique...
2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph Steinerupdated 'android/regex/' source directly from Android...
2010-09-05 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'stable' of git://
2010-07-02 Vasilis TsiligiannisMerge remote branch 'origin/stable' into stable
2010-06-27 MitarMade nameservice plugin compile for Android.
2010-06-27 MitarAdded regex engine source code from OpenBSD.
2010-06-27 MitarAdded header files not in Android NDK but required.