mDNS: Implemented Host Filtering for ipv4 and ipv6, writing in the config file which...
[olsrd.git] / files / olsrd.conf.5.gz
2012-07-19 Ferry Hubertsman: fix a minor issue in the man page
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph Steinerfix all man page warnings: Debian/Ubuntu don't have...
2009-03-26 Markus Kittenbergerupdated olsrd.conf manual page (RtProto, RtTable, RTTab... FIX2
2006-04-17 Andreas TonnesenAdded new config options NicChgsPollInt and AutoDetectC...
2005-12-21 Andreas TonnesenAdded fisheye option to olsrd.conf manpage
2005-02-17 Andreas TonnesenAdded interface weight option in configfile
2005-01-01 Andreas TonnesenUpdates for multiple interface in same ifblock
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenFinished first draft of manpage
2004-11-27 Andreas TonnesenMore manpage updates
2004-11-27 Andreas TonnesenUpdated manpages
2004-11-04 Andreas TonnesenInitial olsrd.conf manpage