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[olsrd.git] / gui / linux-gtk / Makefile
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeApplied change by Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@eds...
2012-01-13 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'stable' into pud
2012-01-13 Ferry Hubertslinux-gtk: also remove olsrd-gui on clean
2012-01-13 Ferry Hubertslinux-gtk: link with libm
2006-11-12 Bernd Petrovitsch* applied olsrd-0.4.10-paths.diff
2006-06-24 Andreas TonnesenSlight modification
2006-06-24 Andreas TonnesenCleaned ut old linux-gui makefile a bit
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenRemoved the usage of the bin directory
2004-09-13 Andreas TonnesenGUI file restructuring