Added FreeBSD option to makefile
[olsrd.git] / lib / dot_draw / Makefile
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenAdded FreeBSD option to makefile
2004-12-29 Andreas TonnesenAdded -fPIC option to CFLAGS in all plugin makefiles
2004-11-30 Andreas TonnesenMakefile patches by Bruno added
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin makefiles to use -g and -O2 and strip...
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticAdded version scripts to restrict the exported symbols.
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded header dependencies
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenPlugin interface updates, topology is generated upon...
2004-09-15 Andreas TonnesenLinux binary
2004-09-07 Andreas TonnesenInitial import