Updated according to timer changes in olsrd code
[olsrd.git] / lib / httpinfo / src / olsrd_plugin.h
2005-01-16 Andreas TonnesenUpdated according to timer changes in olsrd code
2005-01-05 Andreas TonnesenInitial addittion of experimental admin interface
2004-12-29 Andreas TonnesenAdded parameters for allowed hosts and networks
2004-12-28 Andreas TonnesenWindows port - w00t, my first ever
2004-12-19 Andreas TonnesenAdded support for displaying mpr selector info
2004-12-18 Andreas TonnesenAdded routes and uptime
2004-12-18 Andreas TonnesenLots of updates - MID now works and the plugin is backw...
2004-12-18 Andreas TonnesenLoads of cool updates
2004-12-17 Andreas Tonnesentra la la
2004-12-15 Andreas Tonneseninitial commit of the httplib plugin