jsoninfo: set_plugin_boolean stores into an int
[olsrd.git] / lib / mdns /
2014-06-02 Ferry HubertsMerge tag 'v0.6.5.6'
2013-11-21 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-11-08 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-11-06 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-11-06 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-08-17 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-04-24 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-04-24 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4'
2013-04-23 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-04-18 Ferry Hubertsremove pthread usage as much as possible
2013-04-18 Saverio ProtomDNS: remove from Makefile PTHREAD useless dependency
2013-04-15 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-02-28 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-02-25 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2013-02-20 Ferry Hubertsmdns: supported on Android
2013-02-20 Ferry Hubertsmdns: fix three alignment warnings
2013-02-20 Ferry Hubertsmdns: don't use non-standard ushot type
2013-02-20 Ferry Hubertsmdns: fix container_of pointer arith
2012-12-10 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4' into mmmm
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4'
2012-11-05 Ferry HubertsMerge tag 'v0.6.4'
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmdns: check return value of sendto
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmdns: check return value of inet_pton
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmdns: do not close an fd that is not open
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmdns: do not close an fd that is not open
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmdns: remove some dead code
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmdns: suppress a Coverity warning
2012-10-19 Ferry Hubertsimprove VERBOSE handling
2012-10-15 Henning RoggeFix buffer overflow in mdns plugin
2012-10-11 Ferry Hubertsmdns: fix a compilation warning / copy-paste error
2012-10-11 Ferry Hubertsmdns: fix compilation warnings
2012-10-03 Saverio ProtoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mDNS-plugin-GSoC...
2012-08-31 Frank de BrabanderMerge branch with new lq plugin for NL80211 support
2012-08-28 Ferry Hubertsupdate comments on all ifdefs
2012-08-28 Ferry Hubertsifdef: fix some include ifdefs
2012-08-27 Hans-Christoph Steineruse the POSIX standard '__linux__' macro instead of...
2012-08-15 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into stable master-stable-switch
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtoRevert "mDNS: init ListOfFilteredHosts in the proper...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: Fixed typo in README
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: better debug support for filtered hosts feature
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: trivial, removed TODO from code for something...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: init ListOfFilteredHosts in the proper place...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: Change version of mdns plugin to 1.0.1 after...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: trivial debug print fix and code readibility...
2012-08-13 AlessandromDNS: BUGFIX, mDNS plugin, hello message of router...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: Update checksum field of the IPv4 Header after...
2012-08-13 AlessandromDNS: Reworked logic of router Election. The election...
2012-08-13 AlessandromDNS: Updated README file for mDNS plugin
2012-08-13 AlessandromDNS: Implemented Host Filtering for ipv4 and ipv6...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: Fix most of the warnings from the compiler
2012-08-13 Alessandro GnagnimDNS: Implemented router election mechansim to have...
2012-08-13 Alessandro GnagnimDNS: review of Alessandro Gnagni patch, inserted a...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: Upgrading the container_of.h that was backported...
2012-08-13 Saverio ProtomDNS: Skeleton code for new host filter feature in...
2012-08-13 Alessandro GnagnimDNS: Fixing loops for mDNS packets when mDNS plugin...
2011-12-06 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'stable' into pud
2011-12-06 Ferry Hubertsmdns: firm up IsMulticast
2011-08-11 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'stable' into pud
2011-08-11 Ferry Hubertsbuild: do not print full commandlines
2011-08-11 Ferry Hubertsmdns: add uninstall target
2011-06-09 Ferry Hubertsmdns: remove unused variables
2011-06-09 Ferry Hubertsmdns/NetworkInterfaces: remove unused variable
2011-03-17 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'scheduler_cleanup'
2011-03-01 Ferry Hubertsmdns: fix uninitialised pointer for first nonOlsrInterface
2011-03-01 Ferry Hubertsmdns: fix uninitialised pointer for first nonOlsrInterface
2011-02-26 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into scheduler_cleanup
2011-02-25 Henning RoggePut includes necessary for code files into code files...
2011-02-17 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into scheduler_cleanup
2011-02-15 Henning RoggeCleanup of olsr_socket API interface
2011-02-14 Henning RoggeSplit scheduler into olsr_timer and olsr_socket
2011-02-14 Henning RoggeNamespace cleanup of scheduler, remove "polling" sockets
2011-02-13 Henning RoggeCleanup of memory cookie system. Changed name from...
2010-12-28 Henning RoggeUpdate to new avl/list iteration macros
2010-08-18 Henning Roggescheduler: Custom additions to memory cookies
2010-07-23 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd
2010-07-23 Henning RoggeSimplify interface variables... BSD/Win32 broken, will...
2010-07-20 Markus Kittenbergerchange arm-nowarn-alignments in plugins
2010-07-11 Henning RoggeSquashed commit of the following:
2010-03-23 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'http-server'
2010-03-18 Caspar van ZonChanges to p2pd for duplicate packet filter
2010-03-10 Vasilis TsiligiannisMerge remote branch 'origin/stable' into stable
2010-03-09 Henning RoggePatch ALIGN_NOWARN_ARM macro for better priority handling.
2010-03-08 Henning RoggeUpdate config writer to new configfile
2010-03-05 Vasilis TsiligiannisMerge remote branch 'origin/stable' into stable
2010-03-05 Saverio ProtoBackporting mDNS plugin to stable branch
2009-11-30 Henning RoggeCleanup of messageparser callback interface
2009-11-29 Henning RoggeFixes for OBAMP and MDNS plugin
2009-11-28 Henning RoggeLots of work, no result
2009-09-01 Saverio Protorelicence mDNS plugin and OBAMP plugin from Saverio...
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeMDNS plugin: Hacked away jet another uninit-warning...
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeSilenced alignment warnings when compiling on ARM CPU
2009-07-19 Henning RoggeImproved duplicate/sequencenumber handling. Small chang...
2009-07-08 Henning RoggeFIX: floatingpoint-text to uint32 conversion
2009-06-30 Saverio ProtoMerge
2009-06-26 Saverio ProtoThis patch fixes the problem of mdns messages not align...
2009-06-05 Saverio ProtoThis patch adds to the mdns plugin the new feature...
2009-05-30 Henning RoggePut MPRSet capabilities into neighbor table.
2009-04-22 Henning Roggerunning indent...
2009-04-13 Henning RoggeLot's of small bugfixes for logging
2009-03-26 Saverio ProtoAdding first version of the OLSR mdns plugin written...