Also select -1.0 quality vertices as best vertices.
[olsrd.git] / lib / powerinfo /
2004-11-09 Andreas TonnesenAdded IP version check
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticAdded version scripts to restrict the exported symbols.
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenUuups forgot one header
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded header dependencies
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenSome quick updated to make thes plugin work with the...
2004-10-02 Andreas TonnesenUpdated the interface struct
2004-09-21 Andreas TonnesenAdded CVS Id to all C and haeder files
2004-09-21 Andreas TonnesenAdded CVS Id fields to all ca nd h files
2004-09-13 Andreas TonnesenRemoved binary
2004-09-07 Andreas TonnesenInitial import