info: trival debug output fix
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2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: trival debug output fix
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: trivial comment fix
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: drain the request when there are too many request...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: send everything on empty requests
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: rework HTTP request detection and request sanitation
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: ensure the request is initially empty
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: java: upgrade gradle wrapper
2016-12-06 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.5'
2016-12-06 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix json Content-Type header
2016-12-06 Ferry Hubertstxtinfo: do not use http headers by default
2016-08-31 Ferry HubertsMerge pull request #2 from kakru/fix-shadow-error-in-pud
2016-08-31 Karol Kruzeleckipud: fix of 'time' shadowing a global declaration ... 2/head
2016-08-10 Ferry Hubertsinfo: release java OSGi bundles
2016-08-10 Ferry Hubertsinfo: integrate java OSGi bundles
2016-08-03 Ferry Hubertspud: remove the instance of the nmea parser, no longer...
2016-08-02 Ferry Hubertspud: fix extracting position information from gpsd
2016-08-01 Ferry Hubertspud: make sure to actually count inUse satellites ...
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: update documentation
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: remove rx path
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: hook up gpsd timer
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: add gpsd functions
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: use gpsd fetch timer
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: timers: add gpsd fetch timer functions
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: add gpsd related configuration parameters
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: split a function
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: force a state change to moving when 'no info recei...
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: move to stationary on undetermined moving state
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: minor layout fix
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: minor layout improvement
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: fix mistakes introduced in 0db233f
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: further adjustments for new nmealib
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: nmealib now sets year and month correctly
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: further adjustments for new nmealib
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: nmealib now sets year and month correctly
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: further adjustments for new nmealib
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: nmealib now sets year and month correctly
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: nmealib: minor update
2016-07-19 Ferry Hubertspud: update nmealib to 3.0.0
2016-06-15 Ferry Hubertsbuild: fix GCC 6 warning about EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK...
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add support for the pud plugin position
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add support for the pud plugin position
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: be a bit more lenient in the helpers w.r...
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsnmealib: fix a warning
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: allow all 'type' helpers without a key
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: use new nmealib *_to_string helper functions
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: use the normal nmea_INFO_is_present function
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsbuild: get rid of HTTPINFO_PUD define
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsnmealib: add some *_to_string helper functions
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsnmealib: make nmea_INFO_is_present an INLINE function
2016-06-14 Ferry Hubertsnmealib: fix an extern C
2016-06-08 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: always output the PID
2016-06-03 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.0'
2016-06-02 Ferry Hubertsquagga: improve some strscy() calls
2016-06-02 Henning RoggeBuffer for quagga was too long (1 byte)
2016-06-02 Henning RoggeFix some strscy() calls or make them more readable
2016-06-02 Ferry Hubertspud: fixup of the README
2016-06-02 Ferry Hubertspud: remove satellite info from the position output...
2016-06-02 Ferry Hubertspud: write the position to an output file when so confi...
2016-06-02 Ferry Hubertspud: do not report uplink send errors, they're not...
2016-06-02 Ferry Hubertspud: only update the timestamp if the position is inval...
2016-06-01 Ferry Hubertsquagga: fix some clang alignment warnings
2016-06-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix cache age calculation
2016-06-01 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: output require(Network|Gateway) status for...
2016-05-27 Ferry HubertsRevert "info: disable caching for now, it somehow cause...
2016-05-26 Ferry Hubertsinfo: disable caching for now, it somehow causes memory...
2016-05-23 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add some asserts
2016-05-23 Ferry Hubertssgw: gw NULL check no longer needed when using OLSR_FOR...
2016-05-18 Ferry Hubertsinfo: ensure all cache structures are always initialised
2016-05-18 Ferry Hubertsinfo: better initialisation of the cache structures
2016-05-18 Ferry Hubertsinfo: make cache_timeout_generic more robust
2016-05-18 Ferry Hubertsinfo: only set the 'name' const once
2016-05-05 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add 'pretty' parameter to jsoninfo and netjson...
2016-05-02 Ferry Hubertsnetjson: fix NetworkGraph output
2016-05-02 Ferry Hubertsnetjson: improve node_self detection for cleanup
2016-05-02 Ferry Hubertsnetjson: do not duplicate nodes when adding a mid
2016-05-02 Ferry Hubertsnetjson: clear allocated memory before setting fields...
2016-05-02 Ferry Hubertsinfo: send 'service unavailable' when there are too...
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: saved_count is used as 'this is the first reply...
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: make a bit of code more defensive
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix an assert
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix outbuffer slot determination
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix detection of whether the reply was fully...
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix a use-after-free for incomplete immediate...
2016-05-01 Ferry Hubertsinfo: increase the number of in-flight replies to 8
2016-04-30 Ferry Hubertsdyn_gw: fix memory leaks on the shutdown path
2016-04-30 Ferry Hubertsall: use the INLINE define
2016-04-30 Ferry Hubertsall: ensure unsigned numbers are used in shifts
2016-04-21 Ferry Hubertsquagga: use the new olsr_realloc function
2016-04-21 Ferry Hubertsp2pd: use the new olsr_realloc function
2016-04-21 Ferry Hubertsmdns: use the new olsr_realloc function
2016-04-21 Ferry Hubertsbmf: use the new olsr_realloc function
2016-04-21 Ferry Hubertsquagga: improve zparse function a bit
2016-04-21 Ferry Hubertsquagga: refactor zclient_read to be much more readable...
2016-04-17 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fail info_plugin_init when plugin_ipc_init fails
2016-04-16 Ferry Hubertsinfo: start with a single AUTOBUFCHUNK sized chunk...
2016-04-16 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: reduce memory usage
2016-04-16 Ferry Hubertsall: allocate autobuf memory in AUTOBUFCHUNK sized...
2016-04-15 Ferry Hubertsnetjson: various fixes
2016-04-15 Ferry Hubertsinfo: use a session struct in the JSON helpers
2016-04-15 Ferry Hubertsnetjson: add plugin