* more fixups for the generated .c file
[olsrd.git] / src / cfgparser / olsrd.conf.example
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenAdded some schetces for threadless operation
2004-11-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded new IPC config section
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticAdded "LinkQualityLevel" option to the example configur...
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenBetter boolean handling and more
2004-11-01 Andreas TonnesenUpdated configfile format. Interface options are now...
2004-10-17 Andreas TonnesenChanged interface syntax
2004-10-17 Andreas TonnesenChanged syntax for plugins
2004-10-16 Andreas TonnesenInitial addittion of new config parser