* more fixups for the generated .c file
[olsrd.git] / src / lq_avl.h
2007-03-29 Thomas LopaticSupport multiple values per key.
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticModify linked list when inserting a node into or removi...
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticAVL tree walk functions.
2007-03-25 Thomas LopaticAdded node deletion.
2007-02-10 Bernd Petrovitschapplied fixes from Sven-Ola:
2007-01-31 Bernd Petrovitsch* applied patches from the most recent FreiFunkFirmware...
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenGeneral cleanups in header files
2005-01-22 Thomas LopaticUse AVL trees for vertex and edge lookup.