new plugin interface:
[olsrd.git] / src /
2005-05-29 Bruno Randolfnew plugin interface:
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenRemoved unused constructor and destructor
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenEven more cleanups
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenNot initializing plugin if init function not found
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenHELLO LQ print function added
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenTesting synchmail
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenAdded printout function for HELLO messages, only HELLO...
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenCleanups, removed unnessecarry pointer use
2005-05-28 Andreas TonnesenMoved some variable declarations to prevent future...
2005-05-27 Andreas TonnesenTesting synchmail script pt.2
2005-05-27 Andreas TonnesenTesting synchmail script
2005-05-26 Andreas TonnesenRemoved redundant header inclusion
2005-05-26 Andreas TonnesenFixed pointer issue in olsr_close_plugins
2005-05-26 Bruno Randolf- added mini plugin as an example and for testing the...
2005-05-26 Andreas TonnesenAdded full print functions for all messages except...
2005-05-26 Andreas TonnesenAdded new generic message/packet print functions. indiv...
2005-05-25 Thomas Lopatic1) Export all symbols in olsrd on Windows. 2) If the...
2005-05-25 Andreas TonnesenMoved the src/net.* files to src/net_olsr.*
2005-05-25 Bruno Randolfcompile fixes for OpenBSD
2005-05-25 Bruno RandolfNetBSD compile fixes
2005-05-25 Bruno Randolffixing command line interfaces (-i ifX): sizeof(interf_...
2005-05-25 Bruno Randolfanother round of Makefile cleanup
2005-05-25 Andreas TonnesenUpdated mantissa functions, no longer linking to math
2005-05-23 Andreas TonnesenForgot to free memory after use of get_default_if_confi...
2005-05-23 Andreas TonnesenReduced MID hack vtime from 20.0 to 10.0 seconds
2005-05-23 Andreas TonnesenAdded fix for stale routes in olsr_delete_routes_from_k...
2005-05-23 Andreas TonnesenDecreased inerface changes poll interval
2005-05-21 Andreas TonnesenOpenbsd patch for sysctl from Holger Mauerman added
2005-05-19 Andreas TonnesenAdde dextra output info in routing table printout
2005-05-17 Andreas TonnesenChanged some strcpys to strncpy to avoid troublesome...
2005-05-17 Andreas TonnesenOpenBSD fixes
2005-05-17 Andreas TonnesenOpenBSD changes
2005-05-15 Andreas TonnesenPatches for openbsd
2005-05-15 Andreas TonnesenAdded OpenBSD to BSD types in olsr_types
2005-05-13 Andreas TonnesenFixed command line argument parsing issues
2005-04-22 Andreas TonnesenFixed crash when changing IPv6 addresses
2005-04-20 Bruno Randolfadd cumulative etx for each destination to the routing...
2005-04-18 Andreas TonnesenRemoved unused comparison
2005-04-14 Dave Cornejomodify the Makefile to allow more flexible config file...
2005-04-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded IP deny set and filtering
2005-04-11 Andreas TonnesenFixed bug that did not allow willingness of 0
2005-04-10 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin interface version and added extended...
2005-04-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded time left in olsr_apm_info
2005-04-05 Andreas TonnesenFixed interface commandline parsing
2005-04-05 Andreas TonnesenUpdated version OLSRD_0_4_9
2005-03-29 Andreas TonnesenReplaced gmtime with localtime
2005-03-28 Andreas Tonnesenchanged to use daemon(3) instead of fork and setsid...
2005-03-23 Thomas LopaticFixed race condition between scheduler and Ctrl-C handl...
2005-03-21 Thomas LopaticSuccessfully cross-compiled for Windows CE. Not tested...
2005-03-21 Thomas LopaticUse API functions that also exist on Windows CE.
2005-03-20 Thomas LopaticCompiles on Mac OS X again.
2005-03-17 Andreas TonnesenCleanup
2005-03-17 Andreas TonnesenFix for link loss detection... kind of crucial...
2005-03-14 Andreas TonnesenAdded cfgfile_gen.c which contains configfile generatio...
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenFixed signed comparison warnings
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenAdded -nofork option
2005-03-10 Thomas LopaticFixed signed/unsigned comparison warnings. Fortunately...
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenRemoved various signed comparision warnings
2005-03-09 Thomas LopaticFixed signed/unsigned comparison.
2005-03-07 Andreas TonnesenFixed broadcast check
2005-03-07 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix
2005-03-07 Andreas Tonnesenchange in if gen property api
2005-03-06 Andreas TonnesenMinor cleanups. No more externs
2005-03-06 Andreas TonnesenMinor cleanups
2005-03-06 Andreas TonnesenAdded a small abstraction layer for the if geninfo...
2005-03-04 Andreas Tonnesenmoved join multicast function into OS spesific net...
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenAdded generic interface properties
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenAdded generic interface properties
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenRemoved warning
2005-03-02 Dave Cornejoclean up some statically declared variables that were...
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticFix the duplicate route problem.
2005-03-02 Dave Cornejopreliminary multi-interface hack for FreeBSD
2005-03-02 Andreas TonnesenWireless detection on netBSD fix
2005-02-28 Andreas TonnesenSubtracting UDP header from interface buffer sizes
2005-02-28 Thomas LopaticFixed false positives when assert()ing.
2005-02-28 Andreas TonnesenAdded some sanity checking on route addittion and delet...
2005-02-27 Thomas LopaticRouters are always ONE hop away.
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenVarious headerfile inclusion cleanups
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenMoved argument parsing out to separate function
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenCompiler warning fixes for win32
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenFinal conversions from using olsr_printf to using OLSR_...
2005-02-27 Andreas TonnesenFinal conversions from using olsr_printf to using OLSR_...
2005-02-26 Andreas TonnesenIntroduced the OLSR_PRINTF macro for more optimized...
2005-02-25 Andreas TonnesenFixes for more header inclusions from plugins
2005-02-25 Andreas TonnesenNot printing configfile parsing output by default
2005-02-25 Andreas TonnesenAdded fixed willingness to config file generation
2005-02-24 Andreas TonnesenAdded inclusion of net_os
2005-02-23 Thomas LopaticMake sure that we have a route to the router interface.
2005-02-23 Dave Cornejomove select() down to OS dependent net.c files in the...
2005-02-23 Andreas TonnesenAdded if_ifwithname function
2005-02-23 Andreas TonnesenFixes derived from LQ code
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenRemoved yylex warning in generated code
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenWin32 fixes after cleanup
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenGeneral cleanups in header files
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenMoved hna_netmask to olsr_types
2005-02-20 Andreas Tonnesenintroduced olsr_types.h
2005-02-20 Andreas TonnesenCleanups. Removed link layer code
2005-02-19 Andreas TonnesenAdded some fbsd code ment as a start to media detection...
2005-02-19 Andreas TonnesenUps.. fixed small bug I introduced a couple of days ago