[olsrd.git] / src /
2008-11-19 Sven-Ola TueckeMaint for EXTRA_CPPFLAGS='-DLINUX_POLICY_ROUTING=0'
2008-11-18 Henning RoggeMerged with duplicate set prototype
2008-11-18 Henning RoggeFirst prototype of new duplicate detection algorithm
2008-11-18 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed an unused variable
2008-11-18 Sven-Ola TueckeHarmonize different encodings for Toennesen in order...
2008-11-18 Alina Friedrichsenthis patch adds IPv6-support to the httpinfo plugin...
2008-11-17 Bernd Petrovitschkill the get_next_timer() function
2008-11-16 Bernd PetrovitschKill the recursion in olsr_get_timer() with a trivial...
2008-11-16 Henning RoggeStyle cleanup: replace tabs with 8 spaces in parser.c
2008-11-16 Bernd Petrovitschfix timer stats
2008-11-16 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup src/linux/kernel_routes.c a little
2008-11-16 Bernd Petrovitschadded OS-specific function to make a file descriptor...
2008-11-14 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch inline-list.c
2008-11-14 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch inline-local-functions-in-mpr_selector_set.c
2008-11-14 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch use-list.h-for-mpr-selector-set
2008-11-14 Bernd Petrovitschfixed a timer NULL pointer.
2008-11-13 Bernd Petrovitsch added "Local Variables"
2008-11-13 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed a function prototype without function
2008-11-12 Bernd Petrovitschadded assert()s to enforce timer cookies
2008-11-12 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch inline-one-liners-from-mpr_selector_set.c
2008-11-12 Bernd Petrovitsch[mq]: add-mprs-cookie
2008-11-11 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed the formatting - both in the source and in...
2008-11-10 Bernd Petrovitschthe spf_backoff_timer is used locally only
2008-11-10 Bernd Petrovitschremove unnecessary #include's in src/process_routes.c
2008-11-10 Bernd Petrovitschmake a locally-only used function "static"
2008-11-10 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch factor-out-common-code-in-process_package.c
2008-11-10 Bernd PetrovitschGrrml:
2008-11-10 Bernd Petrovitschfix compile warnings for gcc-4.3.2
2008-11-10 Bernd Petrovitschfix comment
2008-11-10 Hannes Gredleradd a cookie for the 2-Hop Neighbor list expiration...
2008-11-10 Hannes Gredlerallocate some cookies to reduce unknown timers
2008-11-09 Bernd PetrovitschFactor out the buffer code and use it elsewhere
2008-11-09 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed an unused variable
2008-11-09 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-11-07 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch misc-cleanups
2008-11-06 Bernd Petrovitschfixed compile ergressions. Renamed the variables "sin...
2008-11-05 Bernd Petrovitsch#if-0-out an unused function
2008-11-05 Bernd Petrovitschreduce local variables
2008-11-05 Bernd Petrovitschinline olsr_hyst_calc_stability() and olsr_hyst_calc_in...
2008-11-05 Bernd Petrovitschkill raise(2) ...
2008-11-05 Bernd PetrovitschFile cleanup
2008-11-05 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup tc_set.{c,h}
2008-11-05 Bernd Petrovitschmake src/unix/ifnet.[ch] more readable
2008-11-05 Bernd Petrovitschkill holes in data structures
2008-11-01 Bernd Petrovitschfixed format string
2008-10-31 Bernd Petrovitsch Ooops, fix th compile breakage
2008-10-31 Bernd Petrovitsch move olsr_times() into scheduler.[ch] - now_times...
2008-10-31 Bernd Petrovitschkilled a #define similar to olsr.c
2008-10-31 Bernd PetrovitschWin32 compile fix
2008-10-29 Bernd PetrovitschCompare an int with an int (and not a float). And the...
2008-10-28 Bernd Petrovitsch- make locally only used olsr_add_mpr_selector() "static"
2008-10-27 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed debug stuff
2008-10-27 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch remove-superfluous-typecasts
2008-10-27 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-10-27 Bernd Petrovitschfix build on Win32
2008-10-27 Bernd PetrovitschConvert the pollrate variable internally to an unsigned...
2008-10-27 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-10-27 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-10-27 Bernd PetrovitschConvert the pollrate variable internally to an unsigned...
2008-10-26 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch cleanup-parser.c
2008-10-26 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch factor-out-common-code-in-generate_msg.c
2008-10-26 Bernd Petrovitschkill struct unknown_message
2008-10-26 Bernd Petrovitschkill unused stuff
2008-10-26 Bernd Petrovitschcleanup src/scheduler.c
2008-10-26 Bernd Petrovitschcall "remove_olsr_socket(fd, ...)" before "close(fd)"
2008-10-26 Bernd PetrovitschRemove a copy of config-file generator code and data
2008-10-26 Bernd PetrovitschBugfix: make olsrd_write_cnf() and olsrd_write_cnf...
2008-10-24 Henning RoggeFIX: shut down a small compiler warning
2008-10-24 Bernd Petrovitsch newer flex need that everywhere
2008-10-23 Bernd Petrovitschmake the TIME macros work on 64bit hardware
2008-10-22 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch scheduler-fixes
2008-10-22 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch use-c99-bool
2008-10-21 Bernd Petrovitschfixup olsr_ip_prefix_to_string()
2008-10-17 Hannes Gredlercleanup strange looking MID code
2008-10-17 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch extend-scheduler
2008-10-16 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch scheduler-fixes
2008-10-09 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup net_olsr.[ch]
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschReplace the nanosleep() with select()
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschSimplify scheduler.c
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup the signal handlers
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschMerge socket_parser.[ch] into scheduler.[ch]
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup scheduler.[ch]
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschMake the socket parser more general
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup parser.[ch]
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup ipc_frontend
2008-10-06 Bernd PetrovitschCleanup socket_parser.[ch]
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitsch* grrrmmbl, fixed unwanted changes
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitsch* added missing __attribute__((unsed))
2008-10-04 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitsch[mq]: use-c99-bool
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitschimported patch avoid-duplicate-define
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitsch* make it compile without -DUSE_FPM
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitsch removed superflous -ifndef
2008-10-04 Bernd Petrovitsch- fix building on x86_64: "long" is 64bit there and...
2008-09-22 Bernd PetrovitschAutomated merge with
2008-09-22 Hannes Gredlerrework the HNA input parser
2008-09-22 Hannes Gredlerremove max_jitter references since its not required...
2008-09-22 Hannes Gredlerre-indent interface code
2008-09-22 Hannes Gredlerrework the buffer holddown timer to use the new timer API