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2012-10-29 Henning RoggeInterface will always be found.
2012-10-29 Henning RoggeDeclare olsr_exit() as noreturn
2012-10-29 Henning Roggefail of non-blocking netlink socket is not fatal
2012-10-29 Henning RoggeFail in IPC initializationis always fatal.
2012-10-29 Henning RoggeFix command line parsing macro
2012-10-26 Ferry Hubertscookie: add an assert
2012-10-26 Ferry Hubertscookie: an array already is a pointer
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsdefs: fix strscpy null pointer dereference
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertslinux: sanitise ACPI battery data
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: walk the gateway tree to properly cleanup
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: split olsr_delete_gateway_entry
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: allow immediate removal of a gateway entry
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification in olsr_delete_gateway_entry
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: ensure cleanup uses the reverse order of init
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: cleanup: free the allocated memory cookie
2012-10-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: initialise the handler before setting up the...
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsandroid: fix type punning warning
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertslq: make sure last_ip != NULL
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertslq: make sure that info_head != NULL
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsolsr_switch: fix a memory leak
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertslinux: apm: fix retry opening of apm proc file
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: fix dereference before assert
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: fix a copy/paste error and resulting memory...
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: fix some memory leaks
2012-10-23 Ferry Hubertsmain: fix an Out-of-bounds access
2012-10-22 Henning RoggeFix scanf() format vulnerabilities
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge Close file descriptor if error happens
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge Check inet_pton return value
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge Use strscpy instead of strncpy.
2012-10-22 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge Close socket if bind() fails.
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge Protect against stupid data from ACPI
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge Convert allocated memory into temporary variable
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge fix wrong sizeof() parameter
2012-10-22 Henning Rogge fix control flow if kill() command fails to end...
2012-10-22 Ferry Hubertscommon: fix varargs cleanup
2012-10-19 Ferry Hubertsimprove VERBOSE handling
2012-10-18 Ferry Hubertsbsd: fixup comment
2012-10-18 Henning RoggeFix slightly insulting error message.
2012-10-18 Aaron Kaplanchose the proper #define in order to take the right...
2012-10-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: merge the olsr_get_ipv{4,6}_inet_gateway functions
2012-10-10 Ferry Hubertsremove most '#if 0' blocks
2012-10-03 Saverio ProtoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mDNS-plugin-GSoC...
2012-10-02 Hans-Christoph Steinerfixed misspelling: usefull -> useful
2012-10-02 Hans-Christoph Steinerfix misspelling: 'adress' --> 'address'
2012-09-03 Frank de BrabanderFix optional compilation of the nl80211 lq plugin
2012-08-31 Frank de BrabanderIncorporate fix by Ferry Hubert for float to double...
2012-08-31 Frank de BrabanderMerge branch with new lq plugin for NL80211 support
2012-08-28 Ferry Hubertsgateway: rename 2 variables
2012-08-28 Ferry Hubertsolsrd_plugin: remove #if 1
2012-08-28 Ferry Hubertsupdate comments on all ifdefs
2012-08-27 Hans-Christoph Steineruse the Microsoft standard '_WIN32' macro instead of...
2012-08-27 Hans-Christoph Steineruse the POSIX standard '__linux__' macro instead of...
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: merge 2 code blocks
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: prevent 2 NULL dereferences
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: the gateway to set must either be an IPv4...
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: the gateway to set must be in the gateway...
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: merge 2 code blocks
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: push an if condition into its nested if's
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: simplify a condition
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: rename a function
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: inline olsr_trigger_inetgw_selection function
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: inline olsr_find_gateway_entry function
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add comments to struct olsr_gw_handler functio...
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: rename hooks
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add init and cleanup hooks for gateway plugins
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: clear gw_handler during cleanup
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add asserts to validate gw_handler
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove 'unused' v{4,6}gw_choosen_external
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: formatting
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: reorder functions to reflect order in header
2012-08-24 Ferry Hubertsgateway: clarify header with extra comments and ordering
2012-08-21 Ferry Hubertsgateway: move refresh_smartgw_netmask to exported funct...
2012-08-21 Ferry Hubertsgateway: export refresh_smartgw_netmask function
2012-08-15 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into stable master-stable-switch
2012-08-08 Ferry Hubertslinux: rework usage of defines w.r.t. IPv6 tunnel
2012-08-08 Ferry Hubertslinux: name is required to be non-null in olsr_os_clean...
2012-08-08 Ferry Hubertslinux: consolidate os_ip4_tunnel and os_ip6_tunnel
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add exit link weighing
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertsgateway: calculate with uint64_t i.s.o. olsr_linkcost
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertscfg: add SmartGateway weighing parameters
2012-08-01 haraldtc_set.c duplicate_set.c: small bug-fix - case ipv6...
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: rename a variable
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: make smart gateway threshold parameter work...
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add helper function gw_default_calc_threshold
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: improve gw_default_update_handler a bit
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: update logic of gw_default_delete_handler
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix deserialisation of 0 in deserialize_gw_speed
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: ignore zero bandwidth and uni-directional...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: ignore unreachable gateways
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: reset bandwidth to zero when no link speed...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification to olsr_set_inet_gateway
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification to olsr_delete_gateway_entry
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove an unused variable in olsr_update_gatew...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification to olsr_trigger_gatewaylo...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add some asserts on gw_handler
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: initialise all variables in olsr_init_gateways
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add and update lots of comments
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: introduce OLSR_IP_ADDR_2_HNA_PTR helper
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: simplify and inline olsr_find_gateway_entry