2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: checkVersionIncrementing: optionally allow...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: only report that master changed when it was...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: do not update the version on master when it...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: refactor the checkVersionIncrementing function
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: update some comments
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: fix the list of generated files
2013-04-23 Ferry Hubertsbuild: ignore builddata.c when hashing sources
2013-04-23 Ferry HubertsRemove mercurial ignore file; we use git
2013-04-19 Ferry Hubertsrelease: use olsrd-version prefix for files in the...
2013-02-07 Henning RoggeFix multicast join for IPv6
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: the script can now also create a release branch
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into getPrevRelTag function
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into checkGitSigningKeyIsCon...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into checkIsOlsrdGitCheckout...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: move into the base directory earlier
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: fix usage of literal dot in regular expressions
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: make gitIsGitDirectory do the correct thing
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: move the stringTrim function up a bit
2012-11-16 Ferry Hubertsmain: add release script
2012-10-30 Henning RoggeUpdate version to 0.6.4 v0.6.4
2012-10-18 Henning RoggeFix slightly insulting error message.
2012-10-18 Aaron Kaplanon os x we need to include the proper files in order...
2012-08-27 Ferry Hubertspud: include nmealib v1.0.3
2012-08-25 Ferry Hubertspud: force pending buffer out if not enough space for...
2012-08-25 Henning RoggePud: Do not use the variable name strlen.
2012-08-21 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: make sure to update the smart gw netmask
2012-08-21 Ferry Hubertsgateway: move refresh_smartgw_netmask to exported funct...
2012-08-21 Ferry Hubertsgateway: export refresh_smartgw_netmask function
2012-08-15 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into stable master-stable-switch
2012-08-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: use fully qualified path to ldconfig
2012-08-08 Ferry Hubertslinux: rework usage of defines w.r.t. IPv6 tunnel
2012-08-08 Ferry Hubertslinux: name is required to be non-null in olsr_os_clean...
2012-08-08 Ferry Hubertslinux: consolidate os_ip4_tunnel and os_ip6_tunnel
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertspud: add SmartGatewayWeightExitLink and SmartGatewayWei...
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add exit link weighing
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertsgateway: calculate with uint64_t i.s.o. olsr_linkcost
2012-08-06 Ferry Hubertscfg: add SmartGateway weighing parameters
2012-08-03 Ferry Hubertspud: cfg: mark BMF interface as non-persistent
2012-08-03 Ferry Hubertsbmf: allow marking the BMF network interface as non...
2012-08-01 haraldtc_set.c duplicate_set.c: small bug-fix - case ipv6...
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: rename a variable
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: make smart gateway threshold parameter work...
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add helper function gw_default_calc_threshold
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: improve gw_default_update_handler a bit
2012-08-01 Ferry Hubertsgateway: update logic of gw_default_delete_handler
2012-07-31 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: fix crash in /interfaces when olsrd is using...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertspud: ignore zero bandwidth/uni-directional link gateways
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix deserialisation of 0 in deserialize_gw_speed
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: ignore zero bandwidth and uni-directional...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: ignore unreachable gateways
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: reset bandwidth to zero when no link speed...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification to olsr_set_inet_gateway
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification to olsr_delete_gateway_entry
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove an unused variable in olsr_update_gatew...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification to olsr_trigger_gatewaylo...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add some asserts on gw_handler
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: initialise all variables in olsr_init_gateways
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add and update lots of comments
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: introduce OLSR_IP_ADDR_2_HNA_PTR helper
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: simplify and inline olsr_find_gateway_entry
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: simplify deserialize_gw_speed
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove some unused code in refresh_smartgw_netmask
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: reorder functions
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add some comments
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: make olsr_find_gateway_entry static
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: make olsr_trigger_inetgw_selection
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: make refresh_smartgw_netmask static
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: let init and cleanup functions take the name...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor simplification
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add some comments
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add some comments
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fixup includes
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: split variable declarations
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: use the same 'ifdef linux' and the header...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove an unused include
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: make olsr_gw_default_lookup_gateway function...
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: shift up the #ifdef linux
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: initialise variables in the declaration order
2012-07-25 Ferry Hubertsgateway: reorder functions
2012-07-24 Lars Krusebugfix: set_nameservice_float() writes a float, not...
2012-07-24 Ferry Hubertsandroid: port linux make 'prefix' work
2012-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: statically link nmealib if PUD_NMEALIB_STATICALLY_...
2012-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: nmealib: also build a static library
2012-07-19 Hans-Christoph... android: update comment describing build command line...
2012-07-19 Ferry Hubertsman: fix a minor issue in the man page
2012-07-19 Ferry Hubertsgateway: only advertise linkspeed when the link is...
2012-07-19 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix serialize_gw_speed
2012-07-19 Ferry Hubertspud: nmealib: increase the number of satellites
2012-07-18 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix lazy gateway selection
2012-07-18 Ferry Hubertsmain: fix a typo
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: position: also show satellite information...
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: posavg: make sure to put track, mtrack and magvar...
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: posavg: don't add an angle if it is not present
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: posavg: minor simplification
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: posavg: fix typo in calculateAngle
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: include nmealib v1.0.1
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: fix angle averaging
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: switch to syslog logging on successful loading...
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: allow logging to syslog
2012-07-16 Ferry Hubertspud: simplify pudError a bit