2010-01-19 Raphael Lisickireally minor performance-improvement
2010-01-14 Raphael LisickiChanged from arping-results to /proc/-files to determin...
2010-01-12 Raphael Lisickiworst code ever, but it finally works bitches :D
2010-01-11 Raphael LisickiReads MAC from associated Stations. Need to implement...
2010-01-10 Raphael LisickiAccesing DHCP leases to determine which host to track...
2010-01-09 Raphael LisickiInitial push to github
2010-01-08 Raphael LisickiAdded initial plugin to allow roaming of a client not...
2009-12-16 Henning RoggeOne vtime timer for each mid entry instead of for the...
2009-12-11 Henning RoggeFix some typos to allow compilation of BSD again
2009-11-30 Henning RoggeUse two sockets, one for input and one for output bound...
2009-11-30 Henning RoggeCleanup of messageparser callback interface
2009-11-29 Henning RoggeFixes for OBAMP and MDNS plugin
2009-11-29 Henning RoggeRefactor v6 pluginloader to clean up callback names...
2009-11-28 Henning RoggeBasisfunktionen gehen !
2009-11-28 Henning RoggeLots of work, no result
2009-11-26 Henning RoggeFix segfault if http/telnet port is not available
2009-11-25 Henning RoggeFix warnings if compiled without DEBUG logging
2009-11-16 Henning RoggeUpdate makefile to GIT command
2009-11-16 Saverio ProtoObamp Data Message Sequence Numbers are now checked...
2009-11-15 Henning RoggeFix Buffer overflow in http server
2009-11-09 Henning RoggeRefactor include commands
2009-10-27 Henning RoggeRemove IPC part of config parser, it's not used anywhere
2009-10-10 Henning RoggeFixed a bug about the size of the OBAMP data messages
2009-10-09 Henning RoggeObamp Data len field needed a 16 bit counter, 8 bit...
2009-10-07 Henning RoggeFix bug in olsr_set_timer()
2009-10-07 Henning RoggeFix segfault in tc-set if olsrd is stopped before seein...
2009-09-23 rogge@streamFix bug in olsr_txt_to_milli()
2009-09-22 Henning RoggeCleanup for avl_insert()
2009-09-20 Markus Kittenbergersmall fixes in http2telnet bridge
2009-09-19 Henning Roggebugfix for telnet interface timeout
2009-09-19 Henning Roggebugfix for txtinfo template parser and echo telnet...
2009-09-17 Henning RoggeHttp error codes and messages for http2telnet bridge
2009-09-16 Henning RoggeFix small bug in http2telnet gate
2009-09-16 Henning RoggeImplement http2telnet gateway
2009-09-15 Hannes Gredlerkeep a per dup_set timer rather than a shared timer...
2009-09-15 Henning RoggeFix wrong numbering of OLSR message types
2009-09-15 Hannes Gredleradd todo list for 0.6.0
2009-09-15 Hannes Gredlercreate 0.6.0 branch
2009-09-10 Henning RoggeAllow parameters for '/' telnet commands
2009-09-10 Henning RoggeFix txtinfo2 link command
2009-09-09 Henning RoggeThrow error message when using wrong logging parameter
2009-09-09 Henning RoggeFix bug in fisheye rewrite
2009-09-09 Henning RoggeFix spelling in config parser output
2009-09-02 Henning RoggeRun code formatter on obamp plugin
2009-09-01 Henning RoggeLarge cleanup patch...
2009-09-01 Saverio Protorelicence mDNS plugin and OBAMP plugin from Saverio...
2009-08-31 Saverio ProtoAdding the first implementation of the OBAMP plugin...
2009-08-23 Henning RoggeAccept \r, \n and \\ in user defined templates for...
2009-08-23 Sven-Ola TueckeEmergency brake for comport-deinit
2009-08-23 Henning RoggeCleanup hna-timeout when removing entry
2009-08-23 Henning RoggeOptimize handling of unused logging
2009-08-23 Sven-Ola TueckeMissed another plugin-pathname dep. - needs rework...
2009-08-22 Henning RoggeSmall bugfix for txtinfo
2009-08-22 Henning RoggeFix several memory leaks and a locking inconsistency...
2009-08-22 Sven-Ola TueckeFix segv if interrupted shortly after startup
2009-08-22 Sven-Ola TueckePre-defined plugin name prevents loading plugin with...
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeFixed SEGV at program end: lq plugin was removed before...
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeFix a Bus-error condition for and ARM-based mobile
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeMDNS plugin: Hacked away jet another uninit-warning...
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeSilenced alignment warnings when compiling on ARM CPU
2009-08-21 Sven-Ola TueckeRe-enabled -Wcast-qual warning (which maybe was disable...
2009-08-17 Hannes Gredlerresolve REMOVE_LOG_INFO buildbreak
2009-08-17 Hannes Gredlerresolve non DEBUG buildbreak
2009-08-13 Henning RoggeCleanup in lq_packet.h
2009-08-12 Henning RoggeSome compiler fixes for win32
2009-08-12 Henning RoggeWe only need a hello/tc parser for the IDs given by...
2009-08-12 Henning RoggeCleanup Hello generation and move it into link_set.c
2009-08-09 Henning Roggeremove ttl_intex from interface (not used anymore)
2009-08-08 Henning Roggemove ansn handling into tc_set.c
2009-08-08 Henning Roggeremove local tc/mid/hna timer from win32 code
2009-08-08 Henning Roggeadd tc fragmentation support again
2009-08-08 Henning Roggeunify tc-generation and put it into tc_set.c
2009-08-08 Henning Roggeunify HNA generation and put it into hna_set.c
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeUnify MID generation and put it into mid_set.c
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeAnother bunch of fixes for the timer refactoring (damn it)
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeFIX for timing refactoring
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeMove TC/MID/HNA timings to global section (windows...
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeRemove unsused code from defs.h
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeMerged with concurrent change
2009-08-08 Henning RoggeChange lqplugin system so plugins can have multiple...
2009-08-04 Markus Kittenbergerfix same for handling of on-the-fly gateway routes
2009-08-04 Markus Kittenbergerserious bug in rtnetlink route exists handling
2009-07-24 Henning RoggeUpdate plugin loader infrastructure to sane callbacks
2009-07-21 Markus Kittenbergerrtnetlink: adopting error handling of Network unreachab...
2009-07-21 Henning RoggeFIX small bugs in MID deserialization and tc deserializ...
2009-07-19 Henning RoggeInclude default "/" command into telnet server
2009-07-19 Henning RoggeImproved duplicate/sequencenumber handling. Small chang...
2009-07-10 Henning RoggeFix for etx-fpm metric plugin
2009-07-09 Henning RoggeFix array out of bounds error in parser
2009-07-08 Henning RoggeRemove fprintf debug output
2009-07-08 Henning RoggeFIX: floatingpoint-text to uint32 conversion
2009-07-05 Henning RoggeFree interface correctly when removed
2009-07-05 Henning RoggeAdd cleanup code for html/telnet server
2009-07-05 Henning Roggeserialized LQ data is not always 4 bytes long, so we...
2009-07-05 Henning RoggeConvert lq_rfc plugin to new plugin interface
2009-07-05 Henning RoggeConvert etx_lq_fpm plugin to new plugin interface
2009-07-05 Henning RoggeConvert lq_etx_float to new plugin system
2009-07-05 Henning Roggeeasier support for plugins without parameters
2009-07-02 Henning RoggeRemove all float values from olsr_cnf
2009-07-02 Henning RoggeRemove copy of lq_etx_ff plugin from default code and...