2005-04-25 Bruno Randolfreplaced httpinfo Makefile with the generic one. the...
2005-04-22 Andreas TonnesenIPv6 address change crashfix
2005-04-22 Andreas TonnesenFixed crash when changing IPv6 addresses
2005-04-20 Bruno Randolfonly write the 3 nearest (best ETX) nameservers to...
2005-04-20 Bruno Randolfadd cumulative etx for each destination to the routing...
2005-04-18 Andreas TonnesenRemoved unused comparison
2005-04-15 Dave Cornejoremove redundant echo
2005-04-14 Dave Cornejomodify the Makefile to allow more flexible config file...
2005-04-14 Dave Cornejoa Makefile to build all the plug-ins at once. note...
2005-04-13 Thomas LopaticTC set is accessible.
2005-04-13 Thomas LopaticTwo-hop neighbours are accessible. Take care of clocks...
2005-04-12 Thomas LopaticSupport recursive tables.
2005-04-12 Thomas LopaticAutomatically scroll down to show the most recent messages.
2005-04-12 Thomas LopaticInitial import of the TAS plugin.
2005-04-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded IP deny set and filtering
2005-04-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded changes
2005-04-11 Andreas TonnesenFixed bug that did not allow willingness of 0
2005-04-10 Andreas TonnesenAdded the register_olsr_param function to avoid plugin...
2005-04-10 Andreas TonnesenUpdated interface version to 3 for all plugins
2005-04-10 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin interface version and added extended...
2005-04-08 Andreas TonnesenUpdated default port
2005-04-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded comment on md5 and openssl
2005-04-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded time left in olsr_apm_info
2005-04-07 Andreas TonnesenTime left on battery now works for APM
2005-04-07 Andreas TonnesenFixed battery percentage
2005-04-05 Andreas TonnesenFixed interface commandline parsing
2005-04-05 Andreas TonnesenCleanup
2005-04-05 Andreas TonnesenUpdated version OLSRD_0_4_9
2005-04-01 Andreas TonnesenAdded NetBSD port
2005-04-01 Andreas TonnesenSmall updates
2005-03-31 Dave Cornejoadd info on FreeBSD multi-interface + some spelling...
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenAdded new configfile name and comment
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenSplitting the default configfile into one LQ-based...
2005-03-31 Thomas LopaticInstallation on Windows now offers an ETX and an RFC...
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenChanged default TCP port
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenAdded checking on OS for install target
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenSmall update
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenAdded checking on OS for install target
2005-03-31 Andreas TonnesenIncreased buffer from 25 to 75 kb
2005-03-30 Thomas LopaticFixed exit problem.
2005-03-29 Andreas TonnesenReplaced gmtime with localtime
2005-03-28 Andreas Tonnesenchanged to use daemon(3) instead of fork and setsid...
2005-03-23 Thomas LopaticFixed race condition between scheduler and Ctrl-C handl...
2005-03-21 Thomas LopaticSuccessfully cross-compiled for Windows CE. Not tested...
2005-03-21 Thomas LopaticUse API functions that also exist on Windows CE.
2005-03-20 Thomas LopaticCompiles on Mac OS X again.
2005-03-17 Bruno Randolf* distribute information about (upstream) DNS servers
2005-03-17 Andreas TonnesenAdded link breakage detection fix
2005-03-17 Andreas TonnesenCleanup
2005-03-17 Andreas TonnesenFix for link loss detection... kind of crucial...
2005-03-14 Andreas TonnesenAdded option to generate configfile on-the-fly
2005-03-14 Andreas TonnesenAdded cfgfile_gen.c which contains configfile generatio...
2005-03-14 Andreas TonnesenTiny fix for LQ windowsize
2005-03-13 Bruno Randolfnew parameter "addhosts" to include other hosts files
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenFixed signed comparison warnings
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenInitial addittion of local md5 code
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenInitial addittion of local md5 code
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenAdded -nofork option
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenAdded -nofork option
2005-03-10 Thomas LopaticFixed signed/unsigned comparison warnings. Fortunately...
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenRemoved various signed comparision warnings
2005-03-10 Andreas TonnesenAdded -Wsign-compare
2005-03-09 Thomas LopaticDocumented the signed/unsigned comparison issue.
2005-03-09 Thomas LopaticFixed signed/unsigned comparison.
2005-03-07 Andreas TonnesenFixed broadcast check
2005-03-07 Bruno Randolfcorrectly delete entries from the list when names for...
2005-03-07 Bruno Randolfthe right path on windows is WINDOWS\system32\drivers...
2005-03-07 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix
2005-03-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded -Wmissing-declarations
2005-03-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded -Wmissing-declarations
2005-03-07 Andreas Tonnesenchange in if gen property api
2005-03-06 Andreas TonnesenMinor cleanups. No more externs
2005-03-06 Andreas TonnesenMinor cleanups
2005-03-06 Andreas TonnesenAdded a small abstraction layer for the if geninfo...
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenCompiles under win32 if openssl include files are moved...
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix for win32
2005-03-04 Andreas Tonnesenmoved join multicast function into OS spesific net...
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenAdded generic interface properties
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenAdded generic interface properties
2005-03-04 Andreas TonnesenRemoved warning
2005-03-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded nameservice patch from Bruno
2005-03-03 Andreas TonnesenCorrected a error
2005-03-03 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticUser-configurable suffix for host name entries.
2005-03-02 Dave Cornejoclean up some statically declared variables that were...
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticFix the duplicate route problem.
2005-03-02 Dave Cornejopreliminary multi-interface hack for FreeBSD
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticChanged message ID.
2005-03-02 Andreas TonnesenWireless detection on netBSD fix
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticWe've fixed the SIGSEGVs caused by failed link and...
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticBring dialog box to front. Enable and disable "Start...
2005-03-02 Thomas LopaticAdded new plugins to the Windows distribution. Modified...
2005-03-01 Thomas LopaticLarge send buffer. Simpler padding. Return correct...
2005-03-01 Thomas LopaticRemoved _GNU_SOURCE.
2005-03-01 Thomas LopaticMerged Windows changes into Bruno's new version.
2005-03-01 Thomas LopaticMake strndup() available on Linux.
2005-03-01 Thomas LopaticPacket format fix. Pad message until length is a multip...
2005-02-28 Andreas TonnesenSmall changes
2005-02-28 Andreas TonnesenHNA delete now works in the admin interface... w00t
2005-02-28 Thomas LopaticSuperseded by makedepend.