2007-05-13 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed if_nr in struct interface and index in struct...
2007-05-13 Bernd Petrovitsch* more fixups for the generated .c file
2007-05-13 Bernd Petrovitsch* made a local function static
2007-05-09 Bernd Petrovitsch ntohl() returns "unsigned long" on win32
2007-05-09 Bernd Petrovitsch* oops, fixed compile breakage
2007-05-09 Bernd Petrovitsch this plugin uses regexps. Does Win32 hassomething...
2007-05-09 Bernd Petrovitsch made it compile without warnings on Win32
2007-05-09 Bernd Petrovitsch* added a simulate write() syscall which uses send...
2007-05-09 Bernd Petrovitsch* compiles now on win32
2007-05-08 Bernd Petrovitsch*killed a few warnings
2007-05-08 Bernd Petrovitsch*killed a few warnings
2007-05-08 Bernd Petrovitsch*killed a few warnings - Win32 needs to enter the 21st...
2007-05-08 Bernd Petrovitsch*killed a few warnings
2007-05-08 Bernd Petrovitsch*killed a few warnings
2007-05-08 Bernd Petrovitsch*killed a few warnings
2007-05-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* provide an argument to the tiems(2) call - OpenBSD...
2007-05-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* cosmetic
2007-05-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* patch from Patrick McCarty <mccartyp@gmail.com>:...
2007-05-01 Bernd Petrovitschcommented out -Werror again
2007-05-01 Bernd Petrovitschfixed a warning
2007-05-01 Bernd Petrovitsch* ooops, killed an outdated comment
2007-05-01 Bernd PetrovitschMakefile tweaking:
2007-05-01 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixes for OpenBSD according to the mail from Patrick...
2007-04-28 Bernd Petrovitsch* God knows what's in that string
2007-04-28 Bernd Petrovitsch* declare locally only used variables static
2007-04-28 Bernd Petrovitsch* avoid as much code and linker information as possible
2007-04-28 Bernd Petrovitsch* commeneted an unused functi[Don completel out
2007-04-28 Bernd Petrovitsch* do not mix declarations and code
2007-04-28 Bernd Petrovitsch* added include because of bug report of Patrick McCart...
2007-04-27 Bernd Petrovitsch* make it compile on Debian/Sarge with a gcc-3.3.5
2007-04-27 Bernd Petrovitsch* alpha also always wants -fPIC
2007-04-27 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed up wrong reg-exp
2007-04-25 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed warnings
2007-04-25 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed a warning
2007-04-25 Bernd Petrovitsch* OLSR_PRINTF() is now a real C expression
2007-04-22 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed an old-style function definition
2007-04-22 Bernd Petrovitsch* add the version string after including MAkefile.inc...
2007-04-22 Bernd Petrovitsch* s|tcmsg|olsr_tcmsg| in preparation for a Sven-Ola...
2007-04-22 Bernd Petrovitsch* committed txtinfo patch by Jo-Philipp Wich <freifunk...
2007-04-22 Bernd Petrovitsch* bmf-plugin 1.4
2007-04-22 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed broken find
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed warnings on 64bit hardware
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed all "inline"s
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixup fucntion definition
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* declare all non-static functions
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* #include the own header file
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* and a header file like all the other plugins
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitschcleanup, 1. step (to get some local changes away):
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* added lots of warnings (and -Werror is disabled per...
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* let `make uberclean` kill _all_ *.o, *.d and *~ files
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitschcleanup, 1. step (to get some local changes away):
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* if inet_pton() fails it returns <= 0
2007-04-20 Bernd Petrovitsch* compare the result of inet_pton() > 0 instead of...
2007-04-19 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed a warning
2007-04-19 Bernd Petrovitsch* updated example conf according to Marco Tidow comment
2007-04-19 Bernd Petrovitsch* updated example conf file according to elektra's...
2007-04-19 Bernd Petrovitsch* applied patch from John Hay
2007-04-08 Andreas TonnesenCommenting out -Werror since lex generates code that...
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* only calculate the OS once and immediately only if...
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* cosmetic
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* also pass the OS variable
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* pass OS always to sub-makes
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* renamed the various REAMEs more consistently
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* minor updates after release
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* added bmf ot SUBDIRS
2007-04-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* merged comments from not-exixting 0.4.11 into 0.5.0
2007-04-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* oops, now it is consistent
2007-04-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* added -Werror to motivate to kill warnings
2007-04-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* print errors as all the other plugins
2007-04-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* Added an option to activate reverse resolving the...
2007-04-02 Bernd Petrovitsch* changed the version to 0.5.1pre
2007-04-02 Thomas LopaticPull version from makefile. Tested on Linux. To be...
2007-04-01 Bernd Petrovitsch* changed the version to 0.5.1pre
2007-04-01 Bernd Petrovitsch* set version to 0.5.0 and added a section in the CHANGELOG
2007-03-29 Thomas LopaticIncreased maximal number of interfaces.
2007-03-29 Thomas LopaticSupport multiple values per key.
2007-03-28 Thomas LopaticUse main() instead of custom entry point.
2007-03-28 Thomas LopaticRequest administrative privileges on Vista.
2007-03-28 Thomas LopaticFixed route addition.
2007-03-28 Thomas LopaticStatically link shim.
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticEliminated tail recursion.
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticModify linked list when inserting a node into or removi...
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticDon't report legitimate ERROR_NOT_FOUND when updating...
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticFixed Windows port.
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticRemoved name service plugin from Windows version. Need...
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticWrite fish eye parameter to configuration file. Generat...
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticVersion 0.5.0. OLSRD_0_5_0
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticUse Visual Studio .NET 2005.
2007-03-27 Thomas LopaticAVL tree walk functions.
2007-03-26 Thomas LopaticVista fixes.
2007-03-25 Thomas LopaticAdded node deletion.
2007-03-14 Bernd Petrovitsch* applied osx-ip6.patch made by Gregoire Henry <gregoir...
2007-03-14 Bernd Petrovitsch* killed a compiler warning
2007-03-11 Bernd Petrovitsch* another update from svn://dev.durchdieluft.net/olsr...
2007-03-11 Bernd Petrovitsch* update from svn://dev.durchdieluft.net/olsr-quagga...
2007-02-24 Andreas TonnesenFix for compiler warning
2007-02-14 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixed wrong if
2007-02-14 Andreas TonnesenA couple of prototype missmatches for BSD
2007-02-14 Andreas Tonnesen2nd half of fix from John Hay
2007-02-11 Bernd Petrovitsch* fixes fro fixes from Sven-Ola