2012-06-07 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: no need to report regcomp error strings
2012-06-07 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: errno is not set by strtoul function,...
2012-06-07 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: add asserts to readUL
2012-06-07 Ferry Hubertslinux: add support for common (autoconf) make variables...
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: install example position config file in DOCDIR_OLSRD
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: quote paths in Makefile
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: wireformat-java: rework Makefile
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: wireformat: rework Makefile
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: rework Makefile
2012-06-07 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: install example speed config file in DOCDI...
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsMakefile: add INCLUDEDIR and DOCDIR_OLSRD
2012-06-05 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: add the possibility of loading a UUID from...
2012-06-05 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: get lots of info from /sys/class/net/wlan0...
2012-06-05 Henning Rogge0.6.3 Release OLSRD_0_6_3
2012-06-05 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: updated README with new /runtime and /startup...
2012-06-05 Vasilis Tsiligiannisolsrd-quagga: Fix indentation of source files
2012-06-05 Vasilis Tsiligiannisolsrd-quagga: Fix 'maybe-uninitialized' warnings
2012-06-05 Vasilis Tsiligiannisolsrd-quagga: Exit if unsupported packet version is...
2012-06-03 Ferry HubertsMakefile: take pud and sgwdynspeed out of default compile
2012-06-03 Henning RoggeFix type in gtk gui
2012-06-01 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: add example jsoninfo block to files/olsrd...
2012-06-01 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: add /startup and /runtime groupings and wrap...
2012-06-01 Hans-Christoph... android: fix minor error in README about the make comma...
2012-06-01 Vasilis TsiligiannisAdd missing declaration of zebra_hello()
2012-06-01 Vasilis TsiligiannisAdd support for 'HELLO' command sent to zebra on connec...
2012-06-01 Vasilis TsiligiannisDo not patch tests on Quagga 0.99.21
2012-06-01 Vasilis TsiligiannisRemove Quagga 0.99.18 patch
2012-05-31 Ferry Hubertssgw: update gw_def_finished_ipv{4,6} determination
2012-05-31 Ferry Hubertslinux: net: fix some typos
2012-05-31 Ferry Hubertsolsr_switch: add -DNO_OLDNAMES to CFLAGS
2012-05-31 Ferry Hubertswin32: only declare struct timespec when needed
2012-05-31 Ferry Hubertsdefs: only define ARRAYSIZE when needed
2012-05-31 Hans-Christoph... (android/README) added Android build instructions
2012-05-31 Vasilis TsiligiannisAdd support for new zebra protocol version used by...
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wunused-parameter
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wtrampolines
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wjump-misses-init
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wlogical-op
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wundef
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wsync-nand
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wswitch-default
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Winit-self
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wformat-y2k
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wformat-security
2012-05-29 Ferry HubertsMakefile: WARNINGS: add -Wdouble-promotion
2012-05-29 Ferry Hubertswin32: fix uninitialized variable when building with...
2012-05-25 Saverio ProtoCosmetic changes to patch at txtinfo plugin that prints...
2012-05-24 Saverio Prototxtinfo plugin: query /version URL to have olsrd versio...
2012-05-24 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix printf based warning
2012-05-24 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: fix a segfault when PUD is not loaded
2012-05-24 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: duplicate nmea_INFO_has_field: avoid nmealib...
2012-05-24 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: add position information tab
2012-05-16 Ferry HubertsPUD: improve build integration of nmealib
2012-05-16 Ferry HubertsPUD: import nmealib v0.6.9
2012-05-16 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove eclipse project files
2012-05-16 Ferry Hubertsolsrd: fix 'No break at the end of case' eclipse warnings
2012-05-16 Ferry Hubertsolsrd: fix gui/win32 ignores
2012-05-16 Ferry Hubertsolsrd: split out ignores
2012-05-16 Ferry Hubertsolsrd: cleanup ignores
2012-05-16 Ferry Hubertscontrib: netsimpcap: fix ignore/add missing bin directory
2012-05-16 Ferry Hubertscontrib: netsimpcap: do not override library path
2012-05-16 Ferry HubertsMakefile: add sgwdynspeed
2012-05-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: add sgwdynspeed to configuration
2012-05-15 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: build it by default on linux
2012-05-15 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: add plugin
2012-05-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove unneeded ignore
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsPUD: pull in nmealib v0.6.8
2012-05-11 Ferry Hubertslicense: add a note about nmealib
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsPUD: always use /usr/lib for libraries
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsRevert "linux: use /usr/lib64 on 64bit machines if...
2012-05-11 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: remove unused variable
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsMakefile: build pud too on Linux
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsPUD: add nmealib to build
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsPUD: include nmealib v0.6.7
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsPUD: do not install headers by default
2012-05-11 Ferry HubertsPUD: use /usr/lib64 on 64bit machines if it exists
2012-05-11 Ferry Hubertslinux: use /usr/lib64 on 64bit machines if it exists
2012-05-11 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: convert costs to ints, ditch get_linkcost_tex...
2012-05-11 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: document the existing command set
2012-05-10 Ferry Hubertswindows: add olsr_switch.exe to ignores
2012-05-10 Ferry Hubertswindows: fix warning
2012-05-10 Ferry Hubertswindows: remove -mno-cygwin option from CFLAGS
2012-05-10 Ferry HubertsRevert "smart gateway: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Perio...
2012-05-10 Ferry HubertsRevert "smart gateway: hook up SmartGatewaySpeedFile...
2012-05-10 Ferry HubertsRevert "smart gateway: install default speed configurat...
2012-05-10 Ferry HubertsRevert "PUD: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} to...
2012-05-10 Ferry HubertsPUD: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} to config
2012-05-10 Ferry Hubertssmart gateway: install default speed configuration...
2012-05-10 Ferry Hubertssmart gateway: hook up SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period...
2012-05-10 Ferry Hubertssmart gateway: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} param...
2012-05-10 Hans-Christoph... convert 'gateways' to JSON
2012-05-10 Hans-Christoph... rename 'msValid' JSON key to 'validityTime' for clarity
2012-05-10 Hans-Christoph... output any combo of commands as a JSON array (except...
2012-05-10 Hans-Christoph... add 'plugins' and 'config' method to output info parsed...
2012-05-10 Hans-Christoph... add 'olsrd.conf' method to give complete, generated...
2012-05-10 Hans-Christoph... convert abuf_json_int() to write out long ints to repre...
2012-05-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: speed up postion file parsing
2012-05-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: update cached mtime right after position file...
2012-05-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: do not read position file if it did not change
2012-05-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: fix a warning