2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded windows OS envir fix
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenUpdated LQ packettypes
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded windows OS envir fix
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenMinor updates
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenSome final notes
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenFirst draft of new README
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenThe FAQ was hoplessly old... removed
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenSpellchecking and minor changes
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded LQ parameters
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenTC table is now displayed in debug level 1
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenUpdated some debug output levels
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenHysteresis and LQ cannot be active at the same time...
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenMinor changes
2004-12-05 Andreas TonnesenFixed up-to-date check on cfgparser files
2004-12-04 Andreas TonnesenAdded comments
2004-12-04 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2004-12-04 Thomas LopaticRemoved USE_LINK_QUALITY #ifdefs. The link quality...
2004-12-04 Andreas TonnesenError displayed if keyfile doe snot contain enough...
2004-12-04 Andreas TonnesenAdded cfgparser files to tag generation
2004-12-03 Andreas TonnesenUpdated some structs that did not reflect their sibling...
2004-12-03 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2004-12-03 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin command headerfile in all plugins
2004-12-03 Andreas TonnesenUpdated license
2004-12-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded a comment for future updates
2004-12-03 Thomas LopaticNah, screw the ETX in the routing table. Too many route...
2004-12-03 Thomas LopaticKeep using ETX on Linux but use the hop count instead...
2004-12-03 Thomas LopaticRemove old routes before adding new routes on any OS...
2004-12-03 Thomas LopaticUse ETX as metric when adding/removing routes to/from...
2004-12-03 Thomas LopaticUse metric when adding/removing routes!
2004-12-03 Thomas LopaticTake care of quick restarts of remote nodes, where...
2004-12-03 Andreas TonnesenReplaced a reaturn with a break
2004-12-02 Andreas TonnesenAdded a check to the seqno quality recalculation to...
2004-12-02 Thomas LopaticHysteresis: detect multiple lost packets.
2004-12-02 Andreas TonnesenVarious updates
2004-12-02 Andreas TonnesenVarious updates
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenMinor changes
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenMinor change
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenAdded install of olsrd.conf manpage
2004-12-01 Thomas LopaticUse OS-specific macro definitions for dependency genera...
2004-12-01 Thomas LopaticOn FreeBSD we do not have __FreeBSD__ in $(DEFINES).
2004-12-01 Thomas Lopaticmakedepend: first macro definitions, then includes.
2004-12-01 Thomas LopaticUninstall the newly added files.
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenAdded tags target to build etags file for emacs
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenFinished first draft of manpage
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenAdded dependency generation for cfgparser
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenAdded dyn-gw plugin as example
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenCleanups and stuff
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenRemoved olsrd_plugin_io.h
2004-12-01 Andreas TonnesenREADME updates and more
2004-11-30 Thomas LopaticStrip binaries before creating the Windows install...
2004-11-30 Thomas Lopatic__FreeBSD__ is defined by default on FreeBSD. Include...
2004-11-30 Thomas LopaticMinor FreeBSD and Windows changes.
2004-11-30 Andreas TonnesenRemoved compiler warnings when compiling from the main...
2004-11-30 Andreas TonnesenMakefile patches by Bruno added
2004-11-30 Andreas TonnesenAdded Brunos patch
2004-11-30 Andreas TonnesenThe changes_topology flag is now set when a TC entry...
2004-11-29 Thomas LopaticCenter title in debug output when ClearScreen is enabled.
2004-11-29 Andreas TonnesenAdded some semicolons
2004-11-29 Thomas LopaticSupport MPR coverage configuration parameter in link...
2004-11-29 Andreas TonnesenFix to allow building without USE_LINK_QUALITY defined
2004-11-28 Andreas TonnesenMoved sanity check of configuration to after setting...
2004-11-28 Thomas LopaticUse real (bi-directional) ETX.
2004-11-28 Thomas LopaticRemove the correct temporary directory after having...
2004-11-27 Andreas TonnesenMore manpage updates
2004-11-27 Andreas TonnesenUpdated manpages
2004-11-25 Andreas TonnesenUpdated default config file to be more ready for end...
2004-11-25 Thomas LopaticHeuristic for zero-LQ links: expire them, don't care...
2004-11-24 Thomas LopaticLink quality slow start.
2004-11-24 Thomas LopaticUse a slightly smaller font.
2004-11-24 Thomas LopaticAdded distribution make targets for Windows. Configurat...
2004-11-22 Andreas TonnesenCompiler warning fixed
2004-11-22 Thomas LopaticLink quality window size, clear screen, FreeBSD and...
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticWe now use a hack on Win32 that redirects stderr to...
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenAdded some lines about the license change
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenGeneral cleanups
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenMinor changes
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenChanges to make olsrd compile without the USE_LINK_QUAL...
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenDid some changes to the debug output. The neighbor...
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenLicence change... man that was boring work...
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenRemoved binary
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenRemoved the usage of the bin directory
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenPrototype compliant from compiler fixed
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenFixed typo in license
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticWarn that ETX breaks standard compliance.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticNew configuration parser. ETX metric.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticBSD-style license.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticSanity check LQ configuration.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticSwitch off ICMP redirect processing.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticIf the registry cannot be found, do not bother.
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenLicense change
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenUpdate of licence/copyright note and addition of copyri...
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenLicense change - first file :)
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenRemoved some sanity checks that are no longer needed...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticAdded default GUI configuration file.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticLimit output to 1000 lines. Process LQ messages.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticSupport for the new configuration file format and for...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticThe configuration parser library is now usable from...
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor updates
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor changes in cnf printout
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenUpdates in config sanity check