2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph... updated Linux ad-hoc setup script to associate to exist...
2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph... also try configuring ad-hoc after interface is up,...
2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph... first working script to setup wifi interface into ad...
2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph... updated Android build to use "gcc --sysroot" technique...
2012-05-05 Hans-Christoph... updated 'android/regex/' source directly from Android...
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeFix problem with network byte order in secure plugin
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeUse __ANDROID__ instead of "android" for preprocessor
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeRemoved LINUX_NETLINK_ROUTING define and the old ioctl...
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeApplied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeApplied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeApplied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeApplied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
2012-05-05 Henning RoggeApplied change by Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@eds...
2012-05-03 Ferry Hubertsolsr_switch: do not build unnecessarily
2012-05-02 Ferry HubertsPUD: add SmartGatewayPeriod/SmartGatewayStableCount...
2012-05-02 Ferry Hubertssmart gateway: make period and stable count configurable
2012-05-02 Ferry Hubertssmart gateway: move GW_DEFAULT_* defines into olsr_cfg.h
2012-05-02 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: make sure olsrd_parse_cnf is used consistently
2012-05-01 Ferry Hubertstas: remove unused forward declaration of olsrd_plugin_...
2012-04-24 Ferry HubertsREADME-Olsr-Extensions: fixup text for SmartGatewayThre...
2012-04-24 Ferry HubertsMakefile: pud make invocations are silent now
2012-04-24 Ferry HubertsMakefile: split out clean of plugins into separate...
2012-04-24 Ferry Hubertssmart gateway: replace magic numbers for threshold...
2012-04-23 Ferry HubertsPUD: when building from a snapshot, do not complain...
2012-04-23 Ferry HubertsPUD: generate and provide version in/from Makefile
2012-04-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: do not use deduplication in the downlink path
2012-04-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: check type after length in downlink path
2012-04-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix infinite loop on downlink receive errors
2012-04-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: check downlink header fields in correct order
2012-04-17 Ferry HubertsPUD: update configuration file
2012-04-17 Ferry HubertsPUD: add positionFile plugin parameter
2012-04-17 Ferry HubertsPUD: add some includes
2012-04-17 Ferry HubertsRevert "PUD: packetReceivedFromOlsr should be unregiste...
2012-04-17 Ferry HubertsMakefile: sort pud position in global makefile
2012-04-10 Ferry HubertsPUD: the NMEA library has moved
2012-04-06 Ferry HubertsPUD: replace rt.jar file with ee.j2se.jar
2012-04-06 Henning RoggeDo not commit pud version, it changes every build
2012-04-06 Henning RoggeRemove PUD-plugin from build_all on linux
2012-04-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: destroyState was removed in c33a5bb
2012-04-02 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'pud' into stable
2012-04-01 Markus Kittenbergersmall fix for SetIpForward cmdline option
2012-03-31 Markus Kittenbergerdo not restore proc values which required no changes...
2012-03-31 Henning RoggeAdd config option SetIpForward to allow preventing...
2012-03-28 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove pointless mutex from state
2012-03-28 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove pointless mutex from receiver
2012-03-28 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove pointless mutex from dedup
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: include compiler.h where needed
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: make sure horizontal distance is an absolute number
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove debug code
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: allow output pointers to be NULL in determineState...
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: when gateway changed, always update it on the...
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix validity time on uplink and reduce lock conten...
2012-03-15 Ferry HubertsPUD: consistent use of external state and resulting...
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: rename a field of TransmitGpsInformation
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: pull condition out of doImmediateTransmit
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix updating substate related information in trans...
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: cleanup includes
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: update doxygen files
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: split position and gateway paths
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: move state code into its own source files
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: do not change state on unknown movement
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: only reference external state once in txToAllOlsrI...
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: split position and gateway state
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: put state initialisation in it own function
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: add gateway hysteresis configuration parameters
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix clearMovementType
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: rename TimedTxInterface enum values
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: rename MovementState enum values
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: rename TristateBoolean enum values
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: move state determination into its own function
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: rename a struct field
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: move getting transmitGpsInformation fields to...
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: determine the best gateway on a regular schedule
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: add gatewayDeterminationInterval configuration...
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: store the best gateway in the transmitGpsInformation
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: change signature of getBestUplinkGateway function
2012-03-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: use mutex on stop
2012-03-13 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix some documentation tags
2012-03-13 Ferry HubertsPUD: clarify unknown movement forcing STATIONARY
2012-03-13 Ferry HubertsPUD: initDeDupList can fail
2012-03-13 Ferry HubertsPUD: packetReceivedFromOlsr should be unregistered...
2012-03-07 Markus Kittenbergerone line was missing
2012-03-07 Markus Kittenbergerfix bsd RTM_GATEWAY routing flags detection
2012-03-06 Ferry HubertsPUD: replace some memcpy's by simple assignments
2012-03-06 Ferry HubertsPUD: add forgotten check for deduplication use in downl...
2012-03-06 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove unneeded mutex on the position average...
2012-03-06 Ferry HubertsPUD: move a dump outside of a critical section
2012-03-06 Ferry HubertsPUD: do not keep shadow copies of txPosition and txGateway
2012-03-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: split movement determination from gateway and...
2012-03-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: pull out clearing the MovementType
2012-03-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: follow-up for 5addf68
2012-03-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: initially pick ourselves as the best gateway
2012-03-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: initial state is MOVING again
2012-03-05 Ferry HubertsPUD: update sample config
2012-02-27 Ferry HubertsPUD: force moving when gateway is different
2012-02-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove validity time cache from the wireformat...
2012-02-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: pull nodeIdBinary status information into type
2012-02-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: shift knowledge of nodeId to wireformat library
2012-02-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: use PUD_TX_NODEID_BUFFERSIZE i.s.o. PUD_NODEIDMAXL...
2012-02-14 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove nodeId cache from wireformat library