2005-02-17 Andreas TonnesenChanges in interface metric code and initial NIC speed...
2005-02-17 Thomas LopaticHandle degenerated LQ routing cases gracefully: edges...
2005-02-16 Thomas LopaticFixed LQ MPR selection problem. Fixed LQ route addition...
2005-02-16 Andreas TonnesenAdded WLAN detection in FreeBSD
2005-02-15 Andreas TonnesenChanged strlcpy to strncpy
2005-02-15 Andreas TonnesenMoved wireless detection to OS spesific direesific...
2005-02-15 Andreas TonnesenMoved wireless detection to OS spesific directories...
2005-02-15 Thomas LopaticAdded headings for the configuration directives.
2005-02-15 Thomas LopaticDocumented the LinkQualityMult directive.
2005-02-15 Thomas LopaticMention "LinkQualityMult".
2005-02-15 Thomas LopaticImplemented LinkQualityMult per-interface configuration...
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticContext menu is now created from a resource. Exit olsrd...
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticBrag about the AVL trees.
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticMore verbose debug output.
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticDelete routes in the correct order.
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticFixed compiler warning.
2005-02-14 Andreas TonnesenAdded wrappers for sendto and recvfrom and moved olsr_i...
2005-02-14 Thomas LopaticOptimized get_best_link_to_neighbor(). Removed olsr_nei...
2005-02-13 Andreas TonnesenFixed interface for route entries
2005-02-13 Andreas TonnesenFixed compiler warning
2005-02-12 Dave Cornejomove net_output() and olsr_input() to OS dependent...
2005-02-12 Andreas TonnesenMade find_best_link inline as an optimization
2005-02-12 Andreas TonnesenChanged link/interface detection for route calculation
2005-02-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoved warnings
2005-02-12 Andreas Tonnesenget_interface_link_set no longer check main address
2005-02-12 Andreas TonnesenFixed get_neighbor_nexthop to now try to find a direct...
2005-02-09 Andreas TonnesenAdded bugfix comment
2005-02-08 Andreas TonnesenOne can now dynamically change various setting in the...
2005-02-08 Andreas TonnesenRestructuring and work on parameter setting. Debuglevel...
2005-02-08 Andreas TonnesenCompiler warning fix
2005-02-04 Andreas TonnesenEven more cleanups
2005-02-03 Andreas TonnesenMore cleanps
2005-02-03 Andreas TonnesenUps - bug in route deletion
2005-02-03 Andreas TonnesenChanges in route addittion and deletion
2005-02-02 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2005-02-02 Andreas TonnesenCleanups of message generation code
2005-02-02 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2005-02-01 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2005-02-01 Andreas TonnesenCleanup
2005-02-01 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2005-01-31 Andreas TonnesenFixed debug printout
2005-01-31 Andreas TonnesenFix for neighbors that changes main address
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenInitial win32 code
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenFreeBSD ready
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenWin32 port
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenCleanup
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenFreeBSD port
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenThe plugin now compiles for win32 as well
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenAdded FreeBSD to Makefile
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenThe plugin now compiles for FreeBSD
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenRemoved some comments
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenAdded FreeBSD option to makefile
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenThe plugin now compiles for FreeBSD
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenThe plugin now compiles for win32 as well :)
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenInitial win32 port changes - not working yet
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenAdded OS option to makefile
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix to be able to compile on FreeBSD
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenSmall fbsd fix
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenAdded OS printout
2005-01-30 Andreas TonnesenFreeBSD fixes for makefile
2005-01-29 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix to the frevious fix :)
2005-01-29 Andreas TonnesenFreeBSD fix to prevent wrongfully emission of empty...
2005-01-29 Andreas TonnesenEmpty TC timer is now initialized at startup
2005-01-27 Thomas LopaticFixed redundant neighbour link problem.
2005-01-24 Andreas TonnesenAdded optimization comments
2005-01-24 Thomas LopaticPerformance optimization.
2005-01-24 Andreas TonnesenInitial dynamic processing code
2005-01-23 Andreas TonnesenRemoved tos option
2005-01-23 Andreas TonnesenCompiler warning fix
2005-01-22 Thomas LopaticUpdated data structures to use clock_t instead of struc...
2005-01-22 Thomas LopaticTimeouts now also work with unsigned clock_t, e.g....
2005-01-22 Thomas LopaticUse AVL trees for vertex and edge lookup.
2005-01-22 Thomas LopaticUse ETX for HNA routes, too.
2005-01-22 Andreas TonnesenSmaller fixes
2005-01-22 Andreas TonnesenUpdated data-structures to the new MID format
2005-01-22 Andreas TonnesenMID database now also uses reverse lookpu to find main...
2005-01-21 Andreas TonnesenAdded patch from Bruno
2005-01-17 Andreas TonnesenA general cleanup[tm] performed by your favorite code...
2005-01-17 Andreas TonnesenA general cleanup[tm] performed by your favorite code...
2005-01-17 Thomas LopaticGracefully handle wrap-around of clock_t.
2005-01-17 Thomas LopaticApplied Felix's tray icon patch.
2005-01-17 Thomas LopaticAdded times() to Windows port.
2005-01-16 Andreas TonnesenA few words on the changed timeout stuff
2005-01-16 Andreas TonnesenUpdated according to timer changes in olsrd code
2005-01-16 Andreas TonnesenSwitched from using timevals and gettimeofday to use...
2005-01-16 Andreas TonnesenAdded nameservice plugin
2005-01-14 Andreas TonnesenSpellfixes
2005-01-14 Andreas TonnesenAdded copyright string
2005-01-14 Andreas TonnesenFixed IPv6 debug output issue
2005-01-14 Andreas TonnesenFixed IPv6 debug output issue
2005-01-06 Andreas TonnesenAdded hysteresis and LQ to admin settings
2005-01-05 Andreas TonnesenInitial addittion of experimental admin interface
2005-01-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded IPv6 multicast bugfix 2
2005-01-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded IPv6 multicast bugfix
2005-01-03 Andreas TonnesenIpv4 netmask in HNa section fixed
2005-01-03 Andreas TonnesenThe plugin now woks fine with IPv6(olsrd running IPv6...
2005-01-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded IPv6 hna bugfix
2005-01-03 Andreas TonnesenRemoved unused variable
2005-01-03 Andreas TonnesenFixed an ugly bug in olsr_netmask_to_prefix
2005-01-02 Andreas TonnesenMoved html data out to a separate headerfile