2017-01-10 Ferry Hubertslogging: work around bogus Coverity warning
2017-01-10 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: use superfasthash for the configuration...
2017-01-10 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: pull in openssl sha256 code to avoid linking...
2017-01-10 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: use correct SHA256_DIGEST_LENGTH
2017-01-10 Ferry HubertsMerge pull request #14 from bittorf/master
2017-01-10 Bastian Bittorflogging: show interface name during blocked socket... 14/head
2017-01-09 Ferry HubertsMerge pull request #12 from booo/sighup-interval
2017-01-09 Philipp Borgersnameservice: add new sighup-interval parameter 12/head
2017-01-06 Ferry Hubertsfiles: update configuration generation script
2017-01-06 Ferry Hubertsfiles: get rid of net-tools usage
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsmake: remove -Wmissing-include-dirs
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsgui: clean-ups
2017-01-04 Thorsten Maerzmake: strip CC
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsdoc: move pdf generation into new doc-pdf make target
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix warnings
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsdoc: minor adjustment of the makefile
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsdoc: upgrade doxygen configuration
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: update java dependency bundles
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertschangelog: add a note about the '/http' and '/plain...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add request timeout configuration parameter
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add sanitation of the configuration
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: release changed java OSGi bundles
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: return 'REQUEST TIMEOUT' when receiving the reque...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: do not block when receiving the request
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: allow a small delay between connection accept...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix drain_request to not block
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add a comment about the size of the receive buffer
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: move a comment
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix levels of a few debug messages
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add cli arguments to the config object
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: always output the configuration checksum
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsmain: save argc and argv for later use
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsconf: calculate the checksum over the effective configu...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsconf: ensure the correct configuration file is stored...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsconf: clear allocated default config before filling it.
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: introduce command prefixes '/http' and '/plain'
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: sanitise the request right after it's been received
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: read the request as early as possible
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix a comment and add a comment
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: be explicit about adding headers
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: rename stripEOLs to stripTrailingWhitespace
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: protect cutAtFirstEOL against invalid input and...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: protect stripTrailingSlashes against invalid...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: protect skipLeadingWhitespace against invalid...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: protect skipMultipleSlashes against invalid input...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: protect stripEOLs against invalid input and zero...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: improve readability of the 'empty request' check
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: trival debug output fix
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: trivial comment fix
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: drain the request when there are too many request...
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: send everything on empty requests
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: rework HTTP request detection and request sanitation
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: ensure the request is initially empty
2017-01-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: java: upgrade gradle wrapper
2016-12-21 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.5'
2016-12-21 Ferry Hubertsmain: blacklist UCLIBC for OLSR_HAVE_EXECINFO_H
2016-12-21 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.5'
2016-12-21 Ferry Hubertsmain: improve EXECINFO include handling a bit
2016-12-06 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.5'
2016-12-06 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix json Content-Type header
2016-12-06 Ferry Hubertstxtinfo: do not use http headers by default
2016-12-05 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.5'
2016-12-05 Ferry Hubertssgw: fix interface monitor for single-sgw mode
2016-11-30 Sebastian Wiedenrothfix timing issues on systems where RAND_MAX is not...
2016-11-30 Ferry Hubertsmach: add wrapper for clock_gettime
2016-11-23 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.9.5'
2016-11-23 Ferry Hubertsrelease: adjust script to create multiple tar files
2016-11-23 Ferry Hubertschangelog: adjust to put notes on top
2016-11-22 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.9.5
2016-11-22 Henning RoggeRelease v0.9.5 v0.9.5
2016-11-21 Ferry HubertsUpdate version after branch of v0.9.5
2016-11-21 Ferry HubertsBranch v0.9.5
2016-11-21 Ferry Hubertsrelease: fix the release script's git repository check
2016-10-24 Ferry Hubertsohs_cmd: avoid compiler warning
2016-08-31 Ferry HubertsMerge pull request #2 from kakru/fix-shadow-error-in-pud
2016-08-31 Karol Kruzeleckipud: fix of 'time' shadowing a global declaration ... 2/head
2016-08-10 Ferry Hubertsinfo: release java OSGi bundles
2016-08-10 Ferry Hubertsinfo: integrate java OSGi bundles
2016-08-03 Ferry Hubertspud: remove the instance of the nmea parser, no longer...
2016-08-02 Ferry Hubertspud: fix extracting position information from gpsd
2016-08-01 Ferry Hubertspud: make sure to actually count inUse satellites ...
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: update documentation
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: remove rx path
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: hook up gpsd timer
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: add gpsd functions
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: use gpsd fetch timer
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: timers: add gpsd fetch timer functions
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: add gpsd related configuration parameters
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: split a function
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: force a state change to moving when 'no info recei...
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: move to stationary on undetermined moving state
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: minor layout fix
2016-07-29 Ferry Hubertspud: minor layout improvement
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: fix mistakes introduced in 0db233f
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: further adjustments for new nmealib
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: nmealib now sets year and month correctly
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: further adjustments for new nmealib
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: nmealib now sets year and month correctly
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: further adjustments for new nmealib
2016-07-20 Ferry Hubertspud: nmealib now sets year and month correctly