2009-05-04 Henning RoggeFIX: call of olsr_delete_neighbor_pointer()
2009-05-04 Henning RoggeFIX: ignore UNSPEC_LINKS during MPR lookup
2009-04-29 Henning RoggeFIX: ignore UNSPEC link for linktype if there is an...
2009-04-28 Hannes Gredlerreformat new tc/tc-edge expiration log entries
2009-04-25 Henning RoggeKeep gcc 4.3.3 quiet
2009-04-25 Markus Kittenbergeradd debug output for expired tc edges
2009-04-23 Henning RoggeFIX: segfault in neighbor/neighbor-2 table
2009-04-22 Henning RoggeFix wrong order of "drop tc" checks in olsr_input_tc
2009-04-14 Henning RoggeDo not remember LQ information UNSPEC_LINK neighbors...
2009-03-31 Markus Kittenbergerfix ethermode now really (its hard to get hings right...
2009-03-31 Markus Kittenbergerfix: interface mode (=push somehow dissapeared code...
2009-03-31 Markus Kittenbergerrevert invlaid Makefile changes in last commit
2009-03-31 Markus Kittenbergercreate policy rule later in olsrd startup
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeAnother BSD ipv6 Patch by John Hay
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeUpdate version to pre-0.5.6-r5
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeAdded tag OLSRD_0_5_6_R4 for changeset d91b709904ee
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeOlsrd 0.5.6-r4 final ;) OLSRD_0_5_6_R4_fixed
2009-03-26 Markus Kittenbergerupdated olsrd.conf manual page (RtProto, RtTable, RTTab... FIX2
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeRemoved tag OLSRD_0_5_6_R4
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeAdded tag OLSRD_0_5_6_R4 for changeset 046c32e8bd41
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeOlsrd 0.5.6-r4 Release with changelog
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeRemoved tag OLSRD_0_5_6_R4
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeAdded tag OLSRD_0_5_6_R4 for changeset 4cee3fa38a64
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeOlsrd 0.5.6-r4 release
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeBugfixes for default config files
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeUpdate default configuration files
2009-03-26 markus@texas... use only rfc timings in olsrd.conf.sample ... (open...
2009-03-26 markus@texas... fix syntax and semantic errors in sample oslrd.config
2009-03-26 Henning RoggeKeep gcc 4.3.3 quiet
2009-03-26 markus@texas... use constants for default values of RtTable and RtProto...
2009-03-23 Henning RoggeAnother FIX from John Hay
2009-03-23 Henning RoggeApply IPv6 multicast MTU patch for BSD from John Hay
2009-03-23 Henning RoggeReplace two other buffers with 4-byte aligned arrays
2009-03-23 Henning RoggeForce alignmelt of inbuf variable in parser.
2009-03-17 L. Aaron Kaplangrr... it did not take the docu in src/main.c
2009-03-17 L. Aaron Kaplandocument and analyse problem. Revert patch
2009-03-17 Markus Kittenbergerfix wrong printf type, in olsr_times FIX1
2009-03-17 Markus Kittenbergerndling fot time went backwards and other times() problems
2009-03-17 markus@texas... reworked typos in comments and really worse layouting,..
2009-03-16 markus@texas... bsd olsrdport fix (2nd try)
2009-03-16 L. Aaron Kaplanthis was working before... why did somebody overwrite...
2009-03-16 markus@texas... ome usefaul optional features for running multiple...
2009-03-16 Henning RoggeBugfix for route_path compare function
2009-03-16 markus@texas... uups! a crosscompile makefile of mine leaked into the...
2009-03-16 Markus Kittenbergerbackport of duplicate packet fix
2009-03-16 Markus Kittenbergerremove old debugoutput to stderr, small fixes for RtPro...
2009-03-16 Markus KittenbergerBackport RtProto, Interface Mode, OlsrPort
2009-03-16 Markus Kittenbergeruse if_ifwithindex_name
2009-03-16 Markus Kittenbergerbetter linux 2.6 rtnetlink kernel support and better...
2009-03-15 Markus Kittenbergercleanups for previous rtnetlink patches
2009-03-14 Henning RoggeWTF ???
2009-03-14 Markus KittenbergerAdd dummy policy rule, for an custom rtTable, to preven...
2009-03-12 markus@texas... handling of various rtnetlink error conditions, includi...
2009-03-12 Henning RoggePrevent originator IP from changing during runtime...
2009-03-07 Henning RoggeFIX: Drop packages with same seqno in etx_ff (most...
2009-02-21 Henning RoggeFIX: warning on linux in link_set.c
2009-02-18 Henning RoggeFix comment in default configuration files
2009-02-16 Hannes Gredleradd a bit of guidance how to make a release
2009-02-09 Sven-Ola TueckeSmall corrections win32
2009-02-04 Sven-Ola TueckeFix warn_unused_result message and txtinfo compile err
2009-02-02 Henning RoggeMerged fix for hanging tc_edge_entries if neighbor...
2009-02-02 Henning RoggeFIX: hanging topology edges if neighbor is lost
2009-02-01 L. Aaron Kaplansame problem with string lengths. Added OpenBSD #ifdef...
2009-02-01 L. Aaron Kaplansmall fixes for openBSD 4.1. OpenBSD warns of course...
2009-01-18 Sven-Ola Tueckefbsd: bugfix for non-vxworks host routes
2009-01-18 Sven-Ola Tueckefbsd: cosmetical changes, sync comments ipv4/ipv6,...
2009-01-18 Sven-Ola Tueckefbsd: applied gnu-indent to ease comparing
2009-01-08 Sven-Ola Tueckefbsd: small renaming to make live easier on comparing
2009-01-08 Sven-Ola TueckeCorrected funny alignments in httpinfo
2009-01-08 Sven-Ola TueckeRefixed2: inlined olsr_times and moved error handling...
2009-01-08 Sven-Ola TueckeRefixed: changed comment and error handling for olsr_ti...
2009-01-08 Sven-Ola TueckeFix: some type magic hopefully also functions on 64bit...
2009-01-08 Sven-Ola TueckeBug: on vpn.berlin.freifunk.net times() return negative...
2008-12-09 Sven-Ola Tueckebugfix: sighup should reconfigure.
2008-12-09 Sven-Ola Tueckebugfix: delete all link entries matching a given IP...
2008-12-05 Sven-Ola TueckeAdded readme for linux-gtk
2008-12-05 Sven-Ola TueckeRemove the olsr-specific duplicated types (win32)
2008-12-05 Sven-Ola TueckeFrom trunk: Another BSD compile fix
2008-12-05 Sven-Ola TueckeFrom trunk: Remove the olsr-specific duplicated types...
2008-12-05 Sven-Ola TueckeFrom trunk: Remove the olsr-specific duplicated types
2008-12-03 Bernd Petrovitsch* compile an unused function out. gcc-4.3.2 on Debian...
2008-12-03 Sven-Ola Tueckenameservice: added plausicheck for macs
2008-12-03 Sven-Ola Tueckecorrected gnu-indent quirks
2008-12-03 Sven-Ola Tueckenameservice: added mac address function
2008-12-03 Sven-Ola TueckeProtect nameservice param struct to gnu-indent
2008-12-02 Hannes Gredlerbump version to pre-0.5.6-r4
2008-12-02 Hannes GredlerAdded tag OLSRD_0_5_6_R3 for changeset feb3d7883ff0
2008-12-02 Hannes Gredlerbump version to 0.5.6-r3 OLSRD_0_5_6_R3
2008-12-01 Sven-Ola TueckeRe-added and corrected bernds fix - it does not need...
2008-12-01 Sven-Ola TueckeRevert bernds patch do too much differences I cannot...
2008-12-01 Bernd PetrovitschFixed an embarrassing bug if we want to generate a...
2008-11-26 Sven-Ola TueckeFix Win32 compile errors
2008-11-26 Sven-Ola TueckeRestore ability of message handlers to discard forwarding
2008-11-25 Hannes Gredlerbugfix: do a proper list merging of the temporary timer...
2008-11-24 Hannes Gredlerbugfix timer bucket walk:
2008-11-23 Sven-Ola TueckeRemove stray debug
2008-11-23 Sven-Ola TueckeReparied picky duplicate filter
2008-11-23 Sven-Ola TueckeSome more newline quirks
2008-11-23 Sven-Ola TueckeFixed script and line-break quirks
2008-11-23 Sven-Ola TueckeChanged script for gredler coding style