2014-05-13 Henning RoggeHotfix for much too long http headers
2014-03-31 Henning RoggeFix some spelling mistakes
2014-03-31 Henning RoggeFix processing error for fragmented hellos
2013-12-09 Ferry Hubertsneighbor table: fix crash in olsr_print_neighbor_table...
2013-12-02 Ferry Hubertstok: improve the nmea_calc_crc function a bit
2013-11-21 Ferry Hubertspud: fix readIPAddress function
2013-11-08 Ferry Hubertsmain: olsr_create_lock_file: fix return value check...
2013-11-08 Ferry HubertsMake sure to save/restore errno in signal handlers
2013-11-06 Ferry Hubertspud: do the same fix as in the previous commit, now...
2013-11-06 Ferry Hubertspud: fix java detection in the wireformat java bindings...
2013-08-17 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.6.5.5
2013-08-17 Henning RoggeRelease v0.6.5.5 v0.6.5.5
2013-08-17 Henning RoggeFix build break for MinGW compilation on Fedora 19.
2013-08-15 Scott Kidderjsoninfo: ensure output is wrapped in curly braces.
2013-08-15 Ferry Hubertspud: fix readIPAddress function
2013-07-10 Ferry HubertsMakefile: fix builddata when building from tarball
2013-07-10 Ferry Hubertsbuild: only print the md5 hash in hash_source.sh
2013-07-10 Ferry Hubertsbuild: really _ignore_ builddata.c when hashing sources
2013-05-16 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.6.5.4
2013-05-16 Henning RoggeRelease v0.6.5.4 v0.6.5.4
2013-05-13 Ferry Hubertspud: nmealib: _nmea_parse_time not parsing hsec when...
2013-05-03 Ferry Hubertstxtinfo: prevent buffer overflow
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: also check against the Makefile version when...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: checkVersionIncrementing: optionally allow...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: only report that master changed when it was...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: do not update the version on master when it...
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: refactor the checkVersionIncrementing function
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: update some comments
2013-04-24 Ferry Hubertsrelease: fix the list of generated files
2013-04-23 Ferry Hubertsbuild: ignore builddata.c when hashing sources
2013-04-23 Ferry HubertsRemove mercurial ignore file; we use git
2013-04-23 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.6.5.3
2013-04-23 Henning RoggeRelease v0.6.5.3 v0.6.5.3
2013-04-19 Ronald in ... Fix setsockopt for setting Traffic Class in IPv6
2013-04-03 Ferry Hubertspud: set local loopback for multicast tx
2013-03-27 Ferry Hubertsmain: use /dev/urandom by default
2013-02-28 Ferry Hubertsgateway: work around kernel IPIP module initialisation bug
2013-02-28 Ferry Hubertspud: better detection of java jdk
2013-02-28 Ferry Hubertspud: detect the java include directory
2013-02-25 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.6.5.2
2013-02-25 Henning RoggeRelease v0.6.5.2 v0.6.5.2
2013-02-25 Vasilis Tsiligiannisolsrd-quagga: Fix memory leak when adding and deleting...
2013-02-22 Saverio Protomain: fix the check on inet_pton return value because...
2013-02-11 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.6.5.1
2013-02-11 Henning RoggeRelease v0.6.5.1 v0.6.5.1
2013-02-11 Ferry Hubertsrelease: use olsrd-version prefix for files in the...
2013-02-11 Henning RoggeUpdate version after release of v0.6.5
2013-02-11 Henning RoggeRelease v0.6.5 v0.6.5
2013-02-07 Henning RoggeFix multicast join for IPv6
2013-01-31 Ferry Hubertsmain: fix pidfile compilation on windows
2013-01-31 Ferry Hubertsmain: add -pidfile command line option
2013-01-31 Ferry Hubertsgateway: always select a new gateway when threshold...
2013-01-30 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix stable count dampening in gw_default_timer
2013-01-29 Ferry Hubertsandroid: fix the path of the tunnel node in the /dev...
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix a revert problem
2013-01-09 Ferry HubertsRevert "linux: name is required to be non-null in olsr_...
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertsdoc: clean up the latex directory if empty
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertspud: java make target is dependent on library make...
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertspud: change java include path to generic java include...
2012-12-10 Ferry HubertsBranch v0.6.5
2012-12-10 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4' into mmmm
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: the script can now also create a release branch
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into getPrevRelTag function
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into checkGitSigningKeyIsCon...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into checkIsOlsrdGitCheckout...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: move into the base directory earlier
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: fix usage of literal dot in regular expressions
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: make gitIsGitDirectory do the correct thing
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: move the stringTrim function up a bit
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: do not generate documentation for gui code
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix win32 specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix bsd specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix unix specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix linux specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix common documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: add doxygen documentation generation
2012-12-05 Ferry Hubertslinux: put #ifdef __linux__ around code
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertsgateway: only check smart gateway configuration on...
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertspud: enable dynamic polling of the position file
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertscookie: raise the number of cookies
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertspud: put plugin config in olsrd.conf.sample
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: put plugin config in olsrd.conf.sample
2012-11-19 Ferry Hubertsbmf: check minimumLength against buffer size
2012-11-18 Henning RoggeMake sure calculated header length does not skip over...
2012-11-18 Henning RoggeRemove unnecessary asserts
2012-11-18 Henning RoggeCleanup error handling in ipc_init()
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4'
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsChangelog: remove 0.6.5 preliminary changelog
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsUpdate version after release of v0.6.4
2012-11-16 Ferry Hubertsmain: add release script
2012-11-13 Ferry Hubertsmain: remove -dispin and -dispout command line options
2012-11-13 Ferry Hubertsprint_packet: fix wrong use of sizeof()
2012-11-12 Ferry Hubertschangelog: update to current state
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertsbmf: do the minimum length check earlier
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertsmain: improve random number generator seed
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertsneighbor_table: explicitly cast to (time_t *) in calls...
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertshna_set: explicitly cast to (time_t *) in calls to...
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertswin32: remove unused getpid() function
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertsmain: do not seed the random number generator with...
2012-11-08 Ferry Hubertstas: remove plugin