2013-01-16 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove 2 unneeded asserts
2013-01-16 Ferry Hubertsgateway: update some comments
2013-01-16 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor improvement to get_unused_iptunnel_name
2013-01-16 Ferry Hubertspud: minor update to getBestUplinkGateway
2013-01-16 Ferry Hubertspud: minor update resulting from the previous revert
2013-01-16 Ferry HubertsRevert "pud: the best uplink gateway is the same as...
2013-01-11 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix 2 small typos in a comment
2013-01-10 Ferry Hubertspud: update documentation about smart gateway changes
2013-01-10 Ferry Hubertspud: only forward downlinked messages when the smart...
2013-01-10 Ferry Hubertspud: there is no hard dependency on smart gateway
2013-01-10 Ferry Hubertspud: the best uplink gateway is the same as the current...
2013-01-10 Ferry Hubertsjson_info: do not loop forever on smart gateway egress...
2013-01-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: properly set the egress interface names
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertsgateway: use tnl_(4|6) tunnel names instead of tnl...
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix a revert problem
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertsgateway: use SmartGatewayAlwaysRemoveServerTunnel confi...
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertscfgparser: add SmartGatewayAlwaysRemoveServerTunnel...
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertsgateway: cleanup the server tunnel later
2013-01-09 Ferry Hubertsgateway: do not show (bogus) errors
2013-01-09 Ferry HubertsRevert "linux: name is required to be non-null in olsr_...
2013-01-07 Ferry Hubertsgateway: ignore errors in remove-before-add rule removals
2013-01-07 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove policy rules before adding them
2013-01-07 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix copy/paste mistake in setting up the egres...
2013-01-07 Ferry Hubertsgateway: minor indentation fixes in the gateway script
2013-01-07 Ferry Hubertsgateway: the gateway policy script really is a bash...
2013-01-07 Ferry Hubertsgateway: fix policy script permissions checking
2012-12-20 Henning RoggeFixed debug output of Scheduler polling interval
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: also adjust the IPv6 gateway list in olsr_upda...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add an assert to prevent an 'unused' warning
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove 2 superfluous asserts
2012-12-13 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'multigw'
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertskernel_route: olsr_os_inetgw_tunnel_route now needs...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: convert some defines into inline functions
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: enable multi-gateway mode
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: introduce and use MULTI_GW_MODE define
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: setup/cleanup multi-gateway mode during startu...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: setup and clear table specific default routes...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: use fixed tunnel names in/for multi-gateway...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: initialise the egress interface names in/for...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: initialise a set of fixed tunnel names in...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add SmartGatewayPolicyRoutingScript configurat...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add SmartGatewayMarkOffset{Egress,Tunnels...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add SmartGatewayEgressInterfaces configuration...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: use SmartGatewayUseCount setting the the gatew...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add SmartGatewayUseCount configuration parameter
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: remove the worst gateway before adding new one
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsgateway: let the gateway code determine the tunnel...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertskernel_route: olsr_os_inetgw_tunnel_route can now take...
2012-12-13 Ferry Hubertsjson_info: only output smart gateway info on Linux
2012-12-11 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertsdoc: clean up the latex directory if empty
2012-12-11 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertspud: java make target is dependent on library make...
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertspud: java make target is dependent on library make...
2012-12-11 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.5'
2012-12-11 Ferry Hubertspud: change java include path to generic java include...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: keep track of the active gateways in a list
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add gateway_list.{c,h}
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: simplify by using the new costs interface
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add interface to get the gateway costs
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: add path_cost to 'set gateway' interface
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: lazily allocate the current gateway structs
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsgateway: store current gateway(s) in a struct
2012-12-10 Ferry HubertsUpdate version after branch of v0.6.5
2012-12-10 Ferry HubertsBranch v0.6.5
2012-12-10 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4' into mmmm
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: the script can now also create a release branch
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into getPrevRelTag function
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into checkGitSigningKeyIsCon...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: convert some code into checkIsOlsrdGitCheckout...
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: move into the base directory earlier
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: fix usage of literal dot in regular expressions
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: make gitIsGitDirectory do the correct thing
2012-12-10 Ferry Hubertsrelease: move the stringTrim function up a bit
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: do not generate documentation for gui code
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix win32 specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix bsd specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix unix specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix linux specific documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: fix common documentation tags
2012-12-06 Ferry Hubertsdoc: add doxygen documentation generation
2012-12-05 Ferry Hubertslinux: put #ifdef __linux__ around code
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertsgateway: only check smart gateway configuration on...
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertspud: enable dynamic polling of the position file
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertscookie: raise the number of cookies
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertspud: put plugin config in olsrd.conf.sample
2012-11-29 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: put plugin config in olsrd.conf.sample
2012-11-19 Ferry Hubertsbmf: check minimumLength against buffer size
2012-11-18 Henning RoggeMake sure calculated header length does not skip over...
2012-11-18 Henning RoggeRemove unnecessary asserts
2012-11-18 Henning RoggeCleanup error handling in ipc_init()
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsMerge branch 'release-0.6.4'
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsChangelog: remove 0.6.5 preliminary changelog
2012-11-16 Ferry HubertsUpdate version after release of v0.6.4
2012-11-16 Ferry Hubertsmain: add release script
2012-11-13 Ferry Hubertsmain: remove -dispin and -dispout command line options
2012-11-13 Ferry Hubertsprint_packet: fix wrong use of sizeof()
2012-11-12 Ferry Hubertschangelog: update to current state
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertsbmf: do the minimum length check earlier
2012-11-10 Ferry Hubertsmain: improve random number generator seed