2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenPrototype compliant from compiler fixed
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenFixed typo in license
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticWarn that ETX breaks standard compliance.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticNew configuration parser. ETX metric.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticBSD-style license.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticSanity check LQ configuration.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticSwitch off ICMP redirect processing.
2004-11-21 Thomas LopaticIf the registry cannot be found, do not bother.
2004-11-21 Andreas TonnesenLicense change
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenUpdate of licence/copyright note and addition of copyri...
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenLicense change - first file :)
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenRemoved some sanity checks that are no longer needed...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticAdded default GUI configuration file.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticLimit output to 1000 lines. Process LQ messages.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticSupport for the new configuration file format and for...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticThe configuration parser library is now usable from...
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor updates
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor changes in cnf printout
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenUpdates in config sanity check
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenAdded sanity check function in config parser
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenSome hackish stuff to allow quick restart of olsrd...
2004-11-20 Andreas TonnesenAdded bounds checking for config file parsing
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticRe-added import library as binary.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticRemoved non-binary version of the import library.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticAdded the import library for the configuration parser...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticAdded memory management functions to the version script...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticAdded memory allocation and freeing.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticRestructured debug output.
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticLink quality window size is now configurable. Screen...
2004-11-20 Thomas LopaticRemoved tunnel route function stubs. Added clear screen...
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenUpdated README
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenPrints out accepted parameters
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenVarious fixes - the plugin should work now
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenHacks and patches
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin makefiles to use -g and -O2 and strip...
2004-11-19 Andreas TonnesenAdded strip to install and -g to CFLAGS
2004-11-18 Andreas TonnesenSmall fix
2004-11-18 Andreas TonnesenA couple of functions added to the plugin interface
2004-11-18 Andreas TonnesenUpdates for the new outputbufferscheme
2004-11-18 Andreas TonnesenUpdates for the new outputbufferscheme
2004-11-18 Thomas LopaticIf the ICMP registry value does not exist assume a...
2004-11-18 Thomas LopaticFixed a race-condition that blocked olsrd and prevented...
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenChanged pollrate
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenSome light restructuring
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenTUX
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenCleanups
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenRemoved physical link layer quality
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenRemoved GW tunneling code
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenRemoved GW tunneling code
2004-11-17 Andreas TonnesenRemoved GW tunneling
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticInclude net_os.h to fix prototype warnings.
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticInclude net_os.h instead of adding prototypes.
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticFixed prototype warnings.
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticDisable ICMP redirect processing.
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticWe now automatically enable IP forwarding and disable...
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticRemoved olsrd binary, as it gets overwritten when compi...
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticAdded include.
2004-11-17 Thomas LopaticEnable IP forwarding and disable incoming and outgoing...
2004-11-15 Thomas LopaticFixed comment.
2004-11-15 Thomas LopaticPrint the MPR selector set as part of the neighbour...
2004-11-15 Thomas LopaticSay whether a neighbour is an MPR selector.
2004-11-15 Thomas Lopaticolsr_ip_to_string() now only overwrites the buffer...
2004-11-15 Andreas TonnesenAdded direct access to the MID table in the plugin...
2004-11-15 Thomas LopaticIf a host is directly reachable, use cloning and add...
2004-11-15 Thomas LopaticUse ETX instead of total link quality.
2004-11-14 Thomas LopaticPass metric and not address of metric.
2004-11-14 Thomas LopaticRemoved pthread emulation from Windows port. Fixed...
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenIPv6 IPC fix
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenRemoved use of localhost in GUI
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenCosmetic fix
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenFixed an initialization issue(valgrind complaint)
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenFixed timestamp printout for link, hna and neighbor...
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenUnknown grabbed packets are now displayed with type...
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenAdded support for passing host/IP as command line option
2004-11-14 Andreas TonnesenUpdates, needs much more work
2004-11-13 Andreas TonnesenRemoved NT
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenIPC route entry issues fixed
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoval of threads
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoved pthreads link flags
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoved the use of threads
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenAdded some schetces for threadless operation
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenHighest FD for select is now set in the add/remove...
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenFixed printout of ipversion
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoved the unused file ipc_olsrset.h
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenRemoved the accept thread in the IPC code
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenAdded net check for IPC socket
2004-11-12 Andreas TonnesenUpdated the listen call
2004-11-11 Thomas LopaticDo not use negative values for infinity. This causes...
2004-11-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded checking of IPC host list - nets still not checked
2004-11-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded extended IPC options for config
2004-11-11 Andreas TonnesenAdded new IPC config section
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticUse ">" instead of ">=" when extracting the best node.
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticIf we do not find a path from a node to ourselves,...
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticAlso select -1.0 quality vertices as best vertices.
2004-11-10 Andreas TonnesenFixed typo
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticRemoved "TLQ" from the neighbour table debug printout.
2004-11-10 Andreas Tonnesenadded GETD__ROUTINGTABLE and GETD__HNA_ROUTES to the...
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticSwapped NLQ and LQ in neighbour table debug printout.
2004-11-10 Thomas LopaticOnly update the saved link quality values after the...
2004-11-10 Andreas TonnesenI thought I had already committed this? Fixes for heart...