2012-07-14 Ferry Hubertspud: remove inlining from wireformat library
2012-07-14 Ferry Hubertspud: minor simplification in posAvg
2012-07-14 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: update includes for pud
2012-07-14 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: update pud signal descriptions
2012-07-14 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: minor simplification in pud body function
2012-07-14 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: decrease pud nodeId buffer size
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: replace all "N.A."s by a static string
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: add some comments
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: also print smask
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: split table start and nodeId
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: properly close the table row on the position tab
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: also show the position on the 'All' tab
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: change the default zoom level on OpenStreetMap
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: put the position table in a paragraph
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: update 'PUD plugin not loaded' message formatting
2012-07-13 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: print position header
2012-07-13 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove (more/last) left-over debug printf's
2012-07-13 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove left-over debug printf's
2012-07-06 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: change Route->"interface" key to "networkInte...
2012-07-06 Hans-Christoph... example olsrd.conf for Commotion project
2012-07-04 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: include the relative time since olsrd started...
2012-07-04 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: move local HNA set in olsrd.conf from the...
2012-07-04 Ferry HubertsMakefile: install olsrd.conf as olsr.conf.new when...
2012-07-03 Ferry HubertsMakefile: rework OpenWRT 900-force_copy_olsrd_conf_file...
2012-07-03 Ferry HubertsRevert "force copy the olsrd.conf file during install"
2012-06-29 Vasilis TsiligiannisMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into stable
2012-06-28 Ferry Hubertsforce copy the olsrd.conf file during install
2012-06-27 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: fix typo
2012-06-27 Hans-Christoph... included source link in olsrd.conf.funkfeuer
2012-06-27 Hans-Christoph... included example olsrd.conf.funkfeuer from wiki.funkfeu...
2012-06-27 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: updated interface config info (LQ mults,...
2012-06-27 Ferry HubertsPUD: clear speed and direction when stationary
2012-06-27 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix averaging of direction
2012-06-27 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix snprintf length confusion
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: add data from /sys/class/net/if/wireless...
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: added examples using curl and wget to the...
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: updated README with description of what this...
2012-06-26 Vasilis Tsiligiannisquagga: Fix OLSR recursive nexthop selection
2012-06-26 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: do not optimise when compiling with debug
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph... olsrd-adhoc-setup: try using "nmcli dev disconnect...
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph... olsrd-adhoc-setup: accept interface, channel, SSID...
2012-06-26 Hans-Christoph... fix all man page warnings: Debian/Ubuntu don't have...
2012-06-25 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix 2 warnings
2012-06-25 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix setting up network interface.
2012-06-25 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix getting the update flags in gpsFromOlsr
2012-06-25 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: remove config.h include
2012-06-22 Hans-Christoph... android: the pud plugin requires NDK r8, so document...
2012-06-22 Jo-Philipp... olsrd: fix stack corruption in net_output()
2012-06-21 Ferry Hubertslinux: add forgotten SHAREDIR make variable
2012-06-21 Hans-Christoph... (GNU/Linux build) add support for prefix, libdir, sbind...
2012-06-20 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: revert fixes
2012-06-20 Ferry HubertsPUD: use fully qualified path to ldconfig
2012-06-20 Hans-Christoph... olsrd-adhoc-setup: replace hard-coded if name with...
2012-06-19 Ferry Hubertsandroid: do not echo makefile commands for regex build
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: add to default Linux and Android make targets
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: supported on Android
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: need an in_port_t typedef on Android
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove usage of getifaddrs
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: make name a normal char array in _TRxTxNetworkInte...
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove ipAddress from _TRxTxNetworkInterface struct
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: minor documentation tag fixup
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: import v0.6.10
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: get rid of NMEA_ASSERT
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: remove unused NMEA_INLINE define
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: get rid of NMEA_POSFIX define
2012-06-19 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix some eclipse warnings
2012-06-19 Ferry HubertsMakefile.inc: workaround for Android WARNINGS flags
2012-06-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: wireformat: no need to check OS, done by PUD makefile
2012-06-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: nmealib: remove -Werror from CFLAGS
2012-06-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: remove -Werror from CFLAGS
2012-06-09 Ferry HubertsPUD: improve unsupported OS reporting
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: add to default Linux and Android make...
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: supported on android
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertssgwdynspeed: remove -Werror from CFLAGS
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix compiler warnings
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix compiler warnings
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix compiler warnings
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid:regex: fix compiler warning
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix compiler warnings
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix compile warnings
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsandroid: regex: fix compile warnings
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertshttpinfo: fix compile warning
2012-06-09 Ferry Hubertsunix: fix compile warning
2012-06-09 Ferry HubertsMakefile: quote some arguments
2012-06-08 Ferry HubertsPUD: fix compile warnings
2012-06-08 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: fix compile warnings on windows
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: get kernel module for a given interface using...
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: noFork should be a boolean
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: downcase plugin keys since they can have...
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: fully implement MID report with arrays of...
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: convert comma insertion logic to be based...
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: list IPC connection accept rules in a JSON...
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: simplify parsing by removing the "data":...
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: clean up comments and debug stuff
2012-06-08 Hans-Christoph... jsoninfo: rename the two MTU data points for clarity
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsRevert "linux: add support for common (autoconf) make...
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: posFile: do not use nanosecond stat information
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: posFile: use case insensitive regular expression...
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: posFile: fix leaking regexComment on error path
2012-06-07 Ferry HubertsPUD: posFile: add comments