2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsabuf: add abuf_concat function
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsplugin util: add set_plugin_long function
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsplugin util: make set_plugin_boolean actually set a...
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsinfo: make SIW_ENTRIES accessible from other functions
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsinfo: make the INFO_PLUGIN_CONFIG_PLUGIN_PARAMETERS...
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsinfo: move some type delcarations up in a header file
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsinfo: fix a type
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsinfo: use AUTOBUFCHUNK instead of hard-coding it
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertsinfo: minor layout improvements
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertssgw: remove some dead code left over in the previous...
2016-04-07 Ferry Hubertssgw: do not show unused tunnels in the status file
2016-04-05 Ferry Hubertsmake: improve jsoninfo and txtinfo dependencies on...
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /sgw separate prefixes and their lengths
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: do not null-deref prefix in abuf_json_prefix
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: also show egress information in /sgw
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertssgw: add isEgressSelected function
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsinfo: rename json helpers files
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsinfo: move iterating over a table of siw/function entri...
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsinfo: minor layout improvements
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add abuf_json_prefix json helper
2016-03-29 Ferry Hubertsinfo: move json helpers here from jsoninfo
2016-03-24 Ferry Hubertssgw: update a comment
2016-03-24 Ferry HubertsRevert "sgw: fix a mask in the sgw status file"
2016-03-24 Ferry Hubertssgw: fix a mask in the sgw status file
2016-03-24 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: fix a typo in /config
2016-03-22 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: remove a derived field from the /config output
2016-03-21 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /config rename sgw weight section to costs...
2016-03-21 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve /config
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: allow key to be NULL when printing a string
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /interfaces show message times like validi...
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: remove an obsolete comment
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /interfaces use the new IP address helper...
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /interfaces show 'state' text as 'up'...
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add a function to directly convert an IP...
2016-03-18 Ferry Hubertsinfo: create more space for more info commands
2016-03-17 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: minor simplification in /2hop
2016-03-17 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: print the 2-hops neighbors as a simple list...
2016-03-17 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: allow key to be NULL when printing an IP...
2016-03-17 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /plugins list plugin parameters as map...
2016-03-17 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: simplify /mid output
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /plugins show parameters as name/value
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: in /plugins list plugin parameters as array...
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: protect against out-of-bounds accesses of...
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: protect against nulll-deref in print_interfac...
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add some asserts
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsinfo: re-introduce composite commands
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsinfo: skip multiple leading slashes on the command
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsinfo: strip trailing slashes from the command
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: move some static functions around
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: do not show interface /sys/class/net/data...
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve /interfaces
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add print_interface_config function and use it
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: use print_link_quality_multipliers_array_entr...
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: use the abuf_json_ip_address helper
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve and update /config
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: put printing a hna entry into a function...
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: minor improvements
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: simplify output_error by using an abuf
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add some comments
2016-03-09 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: helpers: account for NaN and INF in float...
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: helpers: output an empty string when the...
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: helpers: add asserts
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: helpers: move a static string declaration
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: minor improvement to /2hop
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsmain: do not allow nested shutdown
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsscheduler: make olsr_flush_timers more robust
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsscheduler: do not stop timers that are not running
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsscheduler: fix a typo
2016-03-07 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: fix a windows compile error
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: simplify /plugins
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: make abuf_json_int take a long long value
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsbmf: ignore case on the BmfMechanism plugin parameter...
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsconfig: always lower-case plugin parameter names
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: show more information in /version
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsbuilddata: generate more build information
2016-03-06 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve the skip condition in ipc_print_gatew...
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve the ipc_print_gateways_ipvx function
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve printing a gateway entry, and add...
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve /mid and add validityTime of mid...
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsgui: fix a few clang warnings
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsmake: fix compiler flags probing
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsmake: move -Werror flag into the normal list of warnings
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsmake: do not add -Wcast-qual on Windows
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsmake: improve clang support
2016-03-05 Ferry Hubertsmain: add noreturn attribute on olsr_segv_handler
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertstxtinfo: check INFO_HTTP_OK upon entry of the function
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: remove some dead code
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: check for retry after trying to send
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: speed up sending pending responses
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: try to send the response immediately
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsinfo: add a comment about why info_plugin_outbuffer_t...
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve /hna
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: improve /topology, show more information
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add etx to /routes
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: add hysteresis to /links
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: all neighbour entries now have twoHopNeighbor...
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: re-arrange some imports
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertsjsoninfo: output an error on unknown status codes too
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertstxtinfo: move a function
2016-03-04 Ferry Hubertstxtinfo: output an error on unknown status codes too