2004-11-09 Thomas LopaticRemoved separate Windows makefile.
2004-11-09 Thomas LopaticAdded version script.
2004-11-09 Thomas LopaticUse the same makefile on all platforms.
2004-11-09 Thomas LopaticAdded link quality entry.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticAdded version scripts to restrict the exported symbols.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticFormat debug output as a table.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticSelect MPRs based on STRICT two-hop neighbours.
2004-11-08 Andreas TonnesenMoved LQ_LEVEL to DEF_LQ_LEVEL in olsr_cfg.h
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticRedirected makedepend output on Windows.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticUse -1.0 as initial path quality. Change ">=" back...
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticFixed zero link quality problem. Initially, when the...
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticLQ bug fix.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticRouting table fix.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticPrint link set.
2004-11-08 Thomas LopaticLQ bug fixes.
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenRemoved a couple of Non-WLAN defines
2004-11-07 Thomas LopaticProcess LQ_TC messages. Made link quality features...
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenFixed compiler warning
2004-11-07 Thomas LopaticRouting table creation based on LQ compiles. Not tested...
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenPlugin interface updates
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenUuups forgot one header
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenAdded header dependencies
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenCleanup
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenFixed buf in declaration of register_scheduled_event
2004-11-07 Andreas TonnesenSome quick updated to make thes plugin work with the...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenMinor initial updates to the security plugin for 0...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin version string
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenSome updates
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenMore cleanups
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenPlugin interface updates, topology is generated upon...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenAdded backwards compability for checking the old plugin...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenUpdate the name of the version function
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenChanged the way the plugin interface version is fetched...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenAdded the int plugin_interface_version() function(and...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenRemoved IPC code from plugin as it was only intended...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenAdded handling of return value in parameter registration
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenFixed return value for register_olsr_param, will hadle...
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenCleanups for the new plugin interface
2004-11-06 Andreas TonnesenComments are now allowed within the plugin block
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenRemoved a file that has been wrongfully added
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenFixed a bug in the plugin unloader
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenUpdated the dyn_gw plugin for the new v2 plugin interfa...
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticLQ messages are now processed. MPRs are selected based...
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenAdded error message when no target OS is specified
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticOutput redirection to /dev/null for makedepend on Linux.
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticRemoved -Y from makedepend on FreeBSD and Windows....
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticRemoved tunneling support.
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticAdded OS X support. Pulled tunneling from the Windows...
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenReplaced TRUE/FALSE with OLSR_TRUE/OLSR_FALSE
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenUpdated makedep arguments
2004-11-05 Andreas TonnesenRemoved a non-portable whitespace
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticAdded missing include files.
2004-11-05 Thomas LopaticNew "unix" subdirectory for Unix-like OSes. Initial...
2004-11-04 Andreas TonnesenMinor update
2004-11-04 Andreas TonnesenInitial olsrd.conf manpage
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenMinor fixes
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenRemoved some command line options
2004-11-03 Thomas LopaticWindows port compiles again. Moved all LQ packet functi...
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded usage of olsr_bool for boolean use
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenAdded the olsr_bool type, using TRUE and FALSE instead...
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenBetter boolean handling and more
2004-11-03 Andreas TonnesenYet more minor fixes
2004-11-02 Thomas LopaticDeserialization of new LQ packet types compiles. Not...
2004-11-02 Andreas TonnesenMinor fix
2004-11-02 Andreas TonnesenVarious code cleanups
2004-11-02 Andreas TonnesenUpdated plugin interface, parameters from config file...
2004-11-01 Andreas TonnesenUpdated configfile format. Interface options are now...
2004-11-01 Thomas LopaticSending LQ_HELLOs looks good so far, i.e. it does not...
2004-11-01 Thomas LopaticAdded code that generates LQ_HELLO and LQ_TC messages...
2004-10-21 Thomas LopaticIn the routing table use the interface that has the...
2004-10-20 Andreas TonnesenARM crosscompiler fixes
2004-10-20 Andreas TonnesenFixed plugin loading for new config
2004-10-20 Thomas LopaticExperimental link quality metric based on a link's...
2004-10-20 Andreas TonnesenAdded uberclean target and some small fixes
2004-10-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor fix
2004-10-20 Andreas Tonnesenobjects are deleted prior to and after makeing bin/dll
2004-10-20 Thomas LopaticCreate an import library for the configuration parser...
2004-10-20 Andreas TonnesenMinor additions
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenAdded Id to makefile
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenDepecy calculation in linux makefile using makedepend
2004-10-19 Thomas LopaticRemoved configfile.c. Use olsr_if instead of if_name.
2004-10-19 Andreas Tonnesenfixes after removal of configfile.c|h
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenRemoved configfile.c|h
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenRemoved return value from config file read function
2004-10-19 Andreas Tonnesenfixed conflicting definition
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenGeneral cleanups, removed unused variables and declarations
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenRemoved use of use_ipc. Replaced by olsr_cnf->open_ipc
2004-10-19 Andreas Tonnesenolsrd_cfgparster.h is now known ad olsr_cfg.h
2004-10-19 Andreas TonnesenMore configuration updates
2004-10-19 Thomas LopaticCopyright comments now in the new format.
2004-10-19 Thomas LopaticAdded scheduler and buffer (re-)configuration.
2004-10-18 Andreas TonnesenMinor fixes
2004-10-18 Thomas LopaticAdded a definition file for the configuration DLL.
2004-10-18 Thomas LopaticAlso build the configuration DLL and the configuration...
2004-10-18 Andreas TonnesenREmoved autogenerated files
2004-10-18 Thomas LopaticBuild the parser before the scanner, so that oparse...
2004-10-18 Thomas Lopatic*** empty log message ***
2004-10-18 Andreas TonnesenNew configfile parser and configuration scheme integrated
2004-10-17 Andreas TonnesenChanged interface syntax
2004-10-17 Andreas TonnesenChanged syntax for plugins