Allow modified layer-2 originator priorities
[oonf.git] / src-plugins / generic / nl80211_listener / nl80211_listener.c
2017-12-01 Henning RoggeAllow modified layer-2 originator priorities
2017-12-01 Henning RoggeDon't probe nl80211-interfaces if they are down
2017-10-24 Henning RoggeUse tokenized config option to simplify a number of...
2017-10-17 Henning RoggeSet "probe by MCS" flag for nl80211 probed interfaces
2017-09-21 Henning RoggeCleanup work in layer2 database API
2017-09-21 Henning RoggeMore work on DLEP and layer2 database
2017-09-12 Henning RoggeMore work on RFC compliant DLEP and IP transmission...
2016-07-22 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into mpr_rework
2016-07-22 Henning RoggeAdd new layer2_config plugin
2016-07-20 Henning RoggeCleanup on layer2info and dlep plugin, preparation...
2016-07-19 Henning RoggeAdd explicit originator information to layer2 data...
2016-05-25 Henning RoggeBetter handling for OpenWRT interface names.
2016-05-06 Henning RoggeFix handling of VLAN tagged interfaces
2016-04-27 Henning RoggeSmall fixes to os_interface API change
2016-04-25 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'interface_cleanup'
2016-04-05 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into interface_cleanup
2016-03-16 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into interface_cleanup
2016-03-15 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into interface_cleanup
2016-03-10 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into interface_cleanup
2016-03-08 Henning RoggeConsolidate oonf_interface and os_interface
2016-03-03 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-03 Henning RoggeFix some doxygen comments
2016-03-03 Henning RoggeRemove void* pointer from timer callbacks
2016-02-12 Henning RoggeMove os_system to full inline interface
2016-01-19 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' into mpr_rework
2015-11-09 Henning RoggeFixes for easier generation of doxygen output
2015-09-22 Henning RoggeMore doxygen for generic subsystems
2015-09-09 Henning RoggeAdd doxygen @file headers to all files
2015-08-27 Henning RoggeDoxygen comments and small cleanups for generic plugins
2015-08-12 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-12 Henning RoggeTrigger interface change event in nl80211 listener
2015-07-31 Henning RoggeConfig system cleanup
2015-07-21 Henning RoggeFix problems MUSL libc on OpenWRT Chaos Calmer
2015-06-18 Henning RoggeFix fragmentation issues with rfc5444 packet generation
2015-02-26 Henning RoggeFix licence year
2015-02-06 Henning RoggeProbe DLEP interfaces by default
2015-02-02 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-02 Henning RoggeReduce CPU usage
2015-01-22 Henning RoggeFix bad change handling of nl80211_listener
2014-11-06 Henning RoggeDo not export global variables to make subsystem depend...
2014-11-06 Henning RoggeIntermediate step for unification