Remove memory allocation in olsr_timer_add()
[oonf.git] / src / core / olsr_cfg.c
2012-02-23 Henning RoggeUpdate to cleaned up commons API
2012-02-23 Henning RoggeMore code for netlink and route handling
2012-02-13 Henning RoggeUpdate framework to simplified configuration API.
2012-01-20 Henning RoggePreload plugins to be able to display their schemata
2012-01-13 Henning RoggeAllow empty plugin list
2011-11-25 Henning RoggeUpdate to new config/common API, fix some bugs in core
2011-10-17 Henning RoggeMore cleanup of of core interface. No more calls from...
2011-10-17 Henning RoggeReduce the number of calls from the core framework...
2011-10-15 Henning RoggeCleanup of subsystem states
2011-10-10 Henning RoggeMore doxygen comments and some code cleanup
2011-10-05 Henning RoggeUpdate to new common/config API version
2011-10-04 Henning RoggeUpdate to new config revision
2011-09-22 Henning RoggeCleanup start of configuration handling
2011-09-21 Henning RoggeAdd remotecontrol plugin
2011-09-16 Henning RoggeAdapt to changes of new config API
2011-09-15 Henning RoggeCleanup
2011-09-14 Henning RoggeFinalized Telnet interface.
2011-09-07 Henning RoggeUpdate to new config API
2011-09-07 Henning RoggeAllow removal of help texts
2011-09-06 Henning RoggeUpdate to current config-api
2011-09-02 Henning RoggeAdd help text to common parameters
2011-09-02 Henning RoggeSeveral small bugfixes and refactorings
2011-07-29 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-29 Henning RoggeFix bug in apply_config
2011-07-28 Henning RoggeFixes for framework
2011-07-22 Henning RoggeFixes for the static plugin loader. Finally resolved...
2011-07-20 Henning RoggeLots of small fixes
2011-07-20 Henning RoggeEnable/disable plugins with cfg_apply.
2011-07-20 Henning RoggeLoad plugins by configuration too
2011-07-19 Henning RoggeInitial framework commit initial-framework