2018-05-30 Henning RoggeCleanup ffdat metric to be able to import rx_throughput.
2018-05-29 Henning RoggeImprove combination of DAT speed and L2 throughput...
2018-05-29 Henning RoggeAllow ffdat metric to consider rx_throughput field
2018-05-29 Henning RoggeFix token validation
2018-05-29 Henning RoggeImprove DAT-Metric by shifting hysteresis to the loss...
2018-05-29 Henning RoggeFix fixed integer arithmetics handling
2018-05-29 Henning RoggeTrack scaling factors of layer2 data elements.
2018-05-23 Henning RoggeImprove hello interval overwriting
2018-05-23 Henning RoggeAdd SNR to layer2 neighbor data
2018-05-23 Henning RoggeFix bad 'is in list' test in stream socket processing
2018-05-23 Henning RoggeSet path prefix length in CMakeListsGlobal
2018-05-18 Henning RoggeReplace VIF name pointer with array
2018-05-18 Henning RoggeSimplify test case creation
2018-05-17 Henning RoggeMove 'enable test' to CMakeListsGlobal.cmake
2018-05-17 Henning RoggeFix no-debug/no-info compilation
2018-05-17 Henning RoggeAdd more doxygen comments for layer2 import
2018-05-17 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'feature/MOTOR-47-route-redistribution...
2018-05-17 Henning RoggeAdd missing comment for subsystem shutdown initiation...
2018-05-16 Henning RoggeFix the handling of neighbor IPs in dlep radio.
2018-05-15 Henning RoggeAdd avl_for_each_elements_with_key_safe() macro and...
2018-05-15 Henning RoggeDon't filter for protocol for routes being removed...
2018-05-15 Henning RoggeAllow imported routed to be combined by l2import into...
2018-05-15 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'develop' into staging staging
2018-05-14 Henning RoggeFix tarball generator
2018-05-14 Henning RoggeUse relative path for calling archive builder
2018-05-14 Henning RoggeMove included cmake files into CMakeListsGlobal to...
2018-05-14 Henning RoggeCleanup build installation directories
2018-05-14 Henning RoggeMove test include to include directory
2018-05-14 Henning RoggeRename "subsystems" directory to "base"
2018-05-12 Henning RoggeAdd "config query" command to remotecontrol plugin...
2018-05-11 Henning RoggePrevent theoretical buffer overlow to make Coverity...
2018-05-11 Henning RoggeFix possible Null reference in colored logging (Coverit...
2018-05-10 Henning RoggeFix GCC 8 warning about small buffer
2018-05-09 Henning RoggeAllow wrapped build directory around OONF directory
2018-05-09 Henning RoggeCleanup and simplify OONF directory strucure
2018-05-04 Henning RoggeRestructure import of FIB entries to go through the...
2018-05-02 Henning RoggeRemove debugging code accidently left in for LID prepar...
2018-04-26 Henning RoggeHotfix for closing UDP socket behavior mentioned in... packet_socket_bug
2018-04-25 Henning RoggeAdd missing build target for test creation
2018-04-25 Henning RoggeCleanup build system for tests and add generic 'build_t...
2018-04-24 Henning RoggeAdd more linklayer data options and a better query...
2018-04-24 Henning RoggeRestructure ffdat plugin as preparation for external...
2018-04-24 Henning RoggeRemove static modifier from olsrv2/nhdp logging sources.
2018-04-11 Henning RoggeFix return values of DLEP signal processing callbacks
2018-04-11 Henning RoggeFix handling of lid-length TLV in DLEP session ACK
2018-04-11 Henning RoggeAdd doxygen comments for link-id code
2018-04-11 Henning RoggeImplement lid_length mechanism into DLEP
2018-04-11 Henning RoggeAdd basic link-id capability to DLEP
2018-04-10 Henning RoggeAdd a few example configurations to the repository
2018-04-09 Henning RoggeAdd support for Link-ID to layer2 database
2018-04-04 Henning RoggeRemove (done) TODO mark for outgoing TCP connection...
2018-04-04 Henning RoggeImprove error handling for failed outgoing TCP connections
2018-04-03 Henning RoggeAdd better debugging output to packet socket code
2018-04-03 Henning RoggeFix issues with DLEP udp_mode none and reconnect
2018-03-28 Henning RoggeAdd function to calculate IPv6 address from MAC
2018-03-22 Henning RoggeFixes for doxygen comments
2018-03-22 Henning RoggeFix variable used in layer2 generator loop
2018-03-22 Henning RoggeFix DLEP handling of mandatory TLVs
2018-03-21 Henning RoggeAdd netaddr constants for MAC48 prefixes for IPv4/6...
2018-03-19 Henning RoggeFixes for DLEP router UDP mode v0.15.1
2018-03-16 Henning RoggeMake connect_to parameter for DLEP router useful again
2018-03-15 Henning RoggeSometimes the kernel sende rtnetlink multicast stuff...
2018-03-14 Henning RoggeAdd interface data to systeminfo
2018-03-14 Henning RoggeFixes for OONF_ASSERT() conversion
2018-03-13 Henning RoggeFix color handling for stderr logging
2018-03-13 Henning RoggeCleanup logging, convert asserts (except rfc5444 code...
2018-03-06 Henning RoggeSwitch parameter order for interface.l2neighbor
2018-03-06 Henning RoggeFix parameter check for l2neighbor/l2default parameter
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeAnother DLEP status update
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeUpdated DLEP status codes
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeDLEP SESSION UPDATE ACK has mandatory STATUS TLV
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeDLEP Status TLV is mandatory for Destination up/down ACK
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeCleanup error handling of mandatory olsrv2_lan parameters
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeProduce warning if lan_import is configured to use...
2018-02-26 Henning RoggeFix handling of OLSRv2 lan (locally attached networks...
2018-02-06 Henning RoggeAdd formating script v0.15.0
2018-02-06 Henning RoggeReformat sourcecode with clang-format-6.0
2018-02-06 Henning RoggeAdd Clang format file
2017-12-04 Henning RoggeRevert "Add type "none" to layer2 database"
2017-12-04 Henning RoggeAdd type "none" to layer2 database
2017-12-01 Henning RoggeAllow modified layer-2 originator priorities
2017-12-01 Henning RoggeDon't probe nl80211-interfaces if they are down
2017-12-01 Henning RoggeAllow metric plugins to define the layer2-data items...
2017-11-23 Henning RoggeForgot to handle DESTINATION_UP messages for IP/Prefix...
2017-11-23 Henning RoggeMore fixes for DLEP ip transmission
2017-11-23 Henning RoggeInform listeners if layer2 IPs are added/removed
2017-11-23 Henning RoggeDLEP fixes for handling of IP addresses attached to...
2017-11-22 Henning RoggeFixes for DLEP
2017-11-14 Henning RoggeSmall cleanup in DLEP code to make sure session cleanup...
2017-11-10 Henning RoggeUse new category for setting DLEP default metrics
2017-11-10 Henning RoggeAdd "unreliable" l2 origin for DLEP defaults
2017-11-06 Henning RoggePatch for Coverity 181103/181104 for better input check...
2017-11-06 Henning RoggeUse correct index variable for layer2 generator
2017-11-06 Henning RoggeFix coverity 185458: split index variable into two...
2017-11-06 Henning RoggeFix Coverity 156528: use strscpy to make sure strings...
2017-10-26 Henning RoggeFixes for compiling without debug logging
2017-10-26 Henning RoggeFix small bugs in DLEP
2017-10-25 Henning RoggeAdd rx broadcast bitrate to DLEP
2017-10-25 Henning RoggeAdd constant for RX broadcast bitrate to layer2 db
2017-10-25 Henning RoggeFix stupid mistake when removing the assert