2015-02-26 Henning RoggeFix dependencies and graph files
2015-02-23 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/oonf
2015-02-23 Henning RoggeMark all RFC5444 socket as non-routable
2015-02-23 Henning RoggeFix telnet plugin default for ACL
2015-02-20 Henning RoggeSmall fixes on configuration entries v0.7.0
2015-02-19 Henning RoggeFix typo
2015-02-18 Henning RoggeFix defaults
2015-02-18 Henning RoggeFix DLEP default port/socket
2015-02-18 Henning RoggeFix default configuration for HTTP and Telnet plugin
2015-02-17 Henning RoggeAllow DAT metric to square the influence of the packet...
2015-02-12 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/oonf
2015-02-12 Henning RoggeAllow setting mesh interfaces also with management...
2015-02-09 Henning RoggeFix compilation error when optimization is active
2015-02-09 Henning Roggefix rounding error of dat metric
2015-02-09 Henning Roggechange hysteresis DAT variables all to int64
2015-02-09 Henning RoggeScale by 1000 instead of by 4
2015-02-09 Henning RoggeFix for DAT hysteresis
2015-02-09 Henning Roggeuse same prefix
2015-02-09 Henning RoggeFix name of internal metric variable
2015-02-09 Henning RoggeMake internal dat_metric representation for nhdpinfo...
2015-02-06 Henning RoggeMore probing necessary for good Minstrel data
2015-02-06 Henning RoggeCleanup nhdpinfo
2015-02-06 Henning RoggeOnly probe symmetric links
2015-02-06 Henning RoggeProbe DLEP interfaces by default
2015-02-06 Henning RoggeSimplify default configuration of "loopback only "...
2015-02-05 Henning RoggeSet RFC5444 TOS default value to 192 (CS6, Network)
2015-02-04 Henning RoggeCall early_cfg callback before initializing configurati...
2015-02-03 Henning RoggeFix return value for tc edge metric query.
2015-02-03 Henning RoggeCleanup metric generation for TCs
2015-02-03 Henning RoggeDo only propagate errors and packet drops to packet...
2015-02-02 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/oonf
2015-02-02 Henning RoggeReduce CPU usage
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeFix more "gcc optimization" warnings
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeMake info variable invisible for "warning only"
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeFix warning in dat metric
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeFixes for routing metric
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeFix/Revert two coverity fixes... they break two test...
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeReactivate test cases
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeLink librt to os_clock plugin to prevent it from demand...
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeRemove commented lines
2015-01-30 Henning RoggeUpdate build system to allow custom install targets
2015-01-28 Henning RoggeSimplify app makefiles
2015-01-28 Henning RoggeImprove build system targets to allow multiple application
2015-01-27 Henning RoggeFix layer2 database so that origin changes even when...
2015-01-23 Henning RoggeSwitch default logging to syslog to prevent filling...
2015-01-23 Henning RoggeDLEP session handling fix
2015-01-22 Henning RoggeFix bad change handling of nl80211_listener
2015-01-21 Henning RoggePrevent DLEP signals filling up the TCP buffer
2015-01-14 Henning RoggeFix netaddr_get_prefix()
2015-01-14 Henning RoggeAdd definition of "any" socket
2015-01-12 Henning RoggeFirst support for virtual interfaces and MAC address...
2015-01-08 Henning RoggeAllow out-of-band DLEP connections
2015-01-08 Henning Roggeimprove handling of layer2 destinations in l2gen and...
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeAdditional warning for dlep_radio
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeFixes for OpenWRT startup scripts
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeRemove "unnamed optional trigger" as schema type, not...
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeAnother bugfix for dlep-proxy startup script
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeMore work on openwrt makefiles
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeAdd dlep_proxy target
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/oonf
2015-01-07 Henning RoggeFix bug in Openwrt dlep config file
2015-01-06 Jonathan KirchhoffAdded OpenWRT makefile for a build including DLEP plugins.
2015-01-05 Henning RoggeAdd OpenWRT DLEP-Radio target
2014-12-26 Henning RoggeCleanup of include files
2014-12-26 Henning RoggeCleanup os_dependent subsystem split
2014-12-21 Henning RoggeCleanup with --schema handling
2014-12-19 Henning RoggeFix DLEP readme examples
2014-12-13 Henning RoggeSmall cleanup for socket configuration
2014-12-12 Henning RoggeFixes for new GCC version
2014-12-07 Henning RoggeRemove unused code from telnet plugin
2014-12-04 Henning RoggePut schema section description into --schema=<section...
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeMixed up two os_core_linux functions
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeSome more coverity cleanup
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeForgot to add the new file
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeBetter random number generator API
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeA few more coverity fixes
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeFix coverity issues for subsystem plugins
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeCoverity fixes for OLSRv2 plugins
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeCoverity fixes for NHDP plugins
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeFix generic plugins coverity issues
2014-12-04 Henning RoggeFix coverity bugs for main APIs
2014-11-30 Henning RoggeAdd library targets for installation v0.6.1
2014-11-30 Henning RoggeRevert "use _DEFAULT_SOURCE feature macro instead of...
2014-11-27 Henning RoggeFix typo
2014-11-27 Henning RoggeAdd "build_all_variants" bash script
2014-11-27 Henning RoggeFix copyright headers
2014-11-27 Henning Roggeuse _DEFAULT_SOURCE feature macro instead of deprecated...
2014-11-27 Henning Roggerevert to -O2 for RELEASE builds
2014-11-27 Henning RoggeMove cmake output to "status level"
2014-11-24 Henning RoggeFix warning for minimal size compilation
2014-11-24 Henning RoggeAdd viewer helpers for telnet to simplify plugins
2014-11-19 Henning RoggeFix two memory leaks
2014-11-19 Henning RoggeAllow usage of unused parameters as interface names...
2014-11-19 Henning RoggeNot sure how cfg_compact got lost from the list of...
2014-11-18 Henning RoggeFix typo
2014-11-18 Henning RoggeAdd systeminfo plugin
2014-11-17 Henning RoggeFixes for OLSRd2 build process
2014-11-17 Henning RoggeMake scripts executable
2014-11-17 Henning RoggeAdd uciloader to static openwrt plugins
2014-11-17 Henning RoggeCleanup time logging and add a telnet command for time...