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what happened to olsrd?

olsrd is still there, but in maintenance mode and development has moved to olsrd2. We expect olsrd2 to replace olsrd over the next years.

what is OONF?

OONF is the Network Framework the base for the olsrd2 implementation.

what are the parts of an OLSR network?

Have a look into a basic introduction about OLSR networks.

what are typical OLSR deployments

We are working on building a list of OLSR network deployments.

This list includes examples how to restrict olsrd2 to IPv4 or IPv6.

what to do when my mesh does not work?

Start with some basic Troubleshooting.

how can I reach the developers?

You should go right to the Mailinglists.

what is a (NHDP/OLSRv2) domain ?

Domain is the OONF (especially NHDP and OLSRv2) name for a routing topology including its metric, MPR algorithm and routing table output. The name topology was already used by OLSRv2, so we had to use a different name.

Plugin? Subsystem?

In the current OONF implementation both plugin and subsystem means the same, one of the modular components of OONF.

I don't see any linklayer data with layer2info

When you compile an olsrd2 (or dlep radio) yourself, you need certain development files. For getting linklayer data from wifi chips you need the NL80211 Listener Plugin, which in turn needs libnl-3-dev (including libnl-genl-3-dev) to compile. See Network Framework#Requirements for more details.